From the Northern Hemisphere

This contribution came to me from a Canadian reader who is on vacation in Mexico. She got it from a friend in London, England. So, it has travelled a good distance to land on my blog. Thanks D, for sending this to me.

The person who sent it to me wrote this:Β  “The originator commented that her mother was fed up with her handwriting and said it was a good thing she (the originator) had a computer.

I’ll leave you to judge if the mother has been harsh, or not. I’ve seen far worse handwriting, and am thankful that doctors these days use their computer to generate prescriptions and reports!

list from d

So, were you able to decipher all of the items?Β 

And, this was just shared to me on Facebook. Thanks, Lou, it was too good not to use.





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39 responses to “From the Northern Hemisphere

  1. Brian

    I had no problem at all reading this. Maybe that says something…


  2. Hmmm. not sure I would like to dunk a “tea dag” in my cup. Oh wait, that’s meant to be a b not a d. πŸ™‚


  3. Nothing to do with this post but I thought you’d like to know:
    I sent the War Office off to Coles yesterday and when she returned she exclaimed quite proudly that she’d found two shopping lists,
    Quite excited I told her “quick give them to me, that poor old lady in Victoria is waiting on more”
    So she handed me 2 shopping lists that I’d made out for her some time ago and she found at the bottom of her bag.
    This is what I have to contend with and you wonder why I’m not normal! : ‘(

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  4. Perhaps, Yvonne, the writing have been crushed and out of shape because of the long travel : London-Mexico – south Europe? .:)
    Love ❀

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  5. HI Yvonne,
    Love the list and love the cartoon! SO funny…thanks for sharing. I must say I love these lists, I have no idea why, which I also find pretty funny. Even funnier is, I find myself actually looking for them in the supermarket now. But no luck so far. Perhaps 2019 will be my year for a really good list!
    Hope you’re well. We just returned from Venice and we thought of you all the time!
    lots of love, I remain your #1 stalker xx

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    • I wish I could have popped up to join you for a stroll and a spritz! This town has a large Italian population, and yesterday, i was treated to freshly made fritelle. Yum.

      Keep looking for those lists. Hugs to you folks. xx


  6. As a teacher I saw much worse printing!
    And HA! If the person who wrote the list could read their own handwriting then they’re good to go! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    Now I’m craving a sweet tater!
    HA! on the cartoon! I love some of those groups!
    I never find any grocery lists…occasionally there is an yucky tissue in the shopping cart… but, no lists. πŸ˜›
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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  7. Can’t buy hot choc here, have to heat your own, when you get home,
    I though that was Bleach after the deodorant.
    Obviously a watch repairer getting watch batteries plural
    and too damned lazy or busy to make their own coleslaw, especially if it’s like that insipid goo that our local supermarket deli’s put out as coleslaw.

    Having trouble education YKW /TWO regarding the difference between dockets and lists, I’m wondering if Poppy May can explain it better,

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  8. Well I guess I have spent too many hours marking kids’ homework in the pre-computer days!! Peach Deodorant is a bit over the top, but nothing compared to having hot chocolate with your teabags. The person is not a teenager: anyone who spells coleslaw and not coldslaw has passed the age of 20!

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  9. You’re welcome. Love the cartoon!


  10. I don’t know what the problem is with this beautiful writing. Compared to mine it is calligraphy. A monkey can write better than I can … oh, by the way, that’s the one that wrote the complete works of Shakespeare out of the infinite number of monkeys. Found him ! πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  11. Peach or bleach? I am sure it would have been discovered on tasting it. Was the shopper Chinese? None of our doctors, even specialists use computer generated prescriptions. How the poor chemist can make sense of some of them remains a mystery.

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  12. Well, I though bleach was peach and would never have guessed watch batteries. I thought water something…Yup, pretty bad writing.

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    • It’s rather eccentric, isn’t it? Like a person in a hurry, with far better things to do than create a mundane shopping list.

      Hmm, I guess the Queen has never had to do this. The experiences she has missed, eh?

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  13. Ahhh, I thought “bleach” was peach and watch or water?
    Watch battery or water something!
    You’ve now got me scouring the parking lot at the grocery store looking for discarded, dropped or lost lists!

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  14. My scribble is pretty bad but then again, when you write out a list it is usually only you who needs to read it. I did not get watch batteries. I thought it was water bottles but I wasn’t happy with the spelling.
    As for the music play list, I never heard of ‘cake’.

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  15. Easy peasy. Under ‘bleach’ (‘pleach’? Is this a gardener’s to-do list?) is ‘watch batteries’: I’ve occasionally watched batteries but on their own they don’t constitute a spectator sport. Hot Chocolate, in addition to Bread, were also a music combo in the 60s/70s…😁

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