Shopping in the Shaky Isle (New Zealand)

A blogging friend, who has a very fertile imagination and many talents, sent us this shopping list. Thank you Bruce Almighty.

Bruce wrote:Yvonne – here is a shopping list that I picked up from a shopping cart this morning in Stratford, New Zealand. It is written on both sides: red and blue/black. Use or not as you wish. Presumably (without being sexist) one side is the husband and one side is the wife??” (Bruce later retracted this statement, having decided the writing was from one person.)

“The red writing says “90% in Eltham”. Eltham is a town just south of Stratford. I presume your readers wouldn’t have a clue about that!” (*) He probably presumes correctly.

The New Zealand government is offering a subsidy on ceiling and underfloor insulation and also efficient heaters to low income home owners, which explains the planned purchases written in red ink.

The other side of the paper is a pretty normal top-up list for many of us. (Except no vegemite in this household, please.)

(*) Read all about the beautiful area where Bruce lives, here:

The next knock he hears on his door might be a visitor or two from Australia!


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38 responses to “Shopping in the Shaky Isle (New Zealand)

  1. Caroline

    As a Brit I obviously think our Marmite is much nicer than your Vegemite! But a couple of weeks ago I read someone (quite famous I think, but it’s completely gone) saying that Vegemite is horrible but Marmite and *New Zealand Marmite* are great!! Mind blown!!! (Maybe there is also a Canadian Marmite?)

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    • I can’t comment on either product, Caroline. I have my doubts about Canadians using either, unless the migrated from a country where it was a pantry staple item.


  2. Headed to New Zealand, brb. Glad they’re all stocked up on toilet piper over there.

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  3. I can imagine a conversation that goes like this …
    The Wife – “I’m nipping out to do a quick food top up, do you want anything, dear?”
    The Husband – “I’ll come with you, I was planning on taking advantage of the ‘INSULATION SUBSIDY’, can you jot these on your shopping list please? Thanks, love”
    There ya go! 😂

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    • That made me laugh, Sue. Not your run of the mill shopping excursions, for sure.


      • My late husband and I may have shopped for the items together, but he’d have written his own DIY maintenance list. Then there’s the divorced man on his own.

        The coloured pens reminded me of teacher’s colour coded marking pens. perhaps he or she randomly picked up a pen to write the list.

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  4. Two interesting lists! Thanks to Almighty Bruce Almighty! And what a handsome profile pic!
    I declare Bruce the GOAT* when it comes to finding unique, interesting shopping lists! YAY Bruce! 🙂

    The grocery list part could be my grocery list sans the vegemite! 😉 If Bruce has any other spreads, like peanut butter, I’ll come for a visit! 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    *Greatest Of All Time

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  5. Those comments are almost the start of a major history lesson.

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  6. The shopping list looks like one you would write when you’d already been to the supermarket and then realised you’d forgotten a few things.

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  7. It is pretentious for me to be discounting the theory of Almighty Bruce, but all handwritings pertain to one and the same person. The person, probably a female, is a meticulous planner as evidenced by usage of three colours. The link you have provided to the charming place Bruce is a resident of tempts me pay him a visit!

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  8. Gosh – Yvonne – you know more about the Government’s insulation subsidies than I do!

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