Chapel of San Severo

If you’ve read any tourist information about Naples, chances are you’ve seen images and/or information about this Chapel.

The main attraction, and rightly so,  is the sculpture il Cristo Velato (the Veiled Christ). Since taking photographs is strictly forbidden, any images I show you have been sourced online.


Read more about this statue here:

However, the sculpture that took my attention, and caused me to return today, for an even closer look, is Disinganno (Disillusion).



When you look closely at the net on this figure, you wonder how human hands could possibly create the mesh out of marble. 



Do yourself a favour. If you read nothing else today, have a look at this short explanation of the meaning behind the sculpture, and the painstaking work it took its artist to complete.  Disillusion




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40 responses to “Chapel of San Severo

  1. Wonderful, amazing sculptures, thank you for this treat.

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  2. I have been here and was astonished at the veiled Christ and loved the Pudicizia and even went on to enjoy the crazy veins and arteries but am ashamed to say, somehow i completely missed this disillusion! Luckily I’ll be back in Napoli in 6 weeks so will have another shot at it. Thanks for the insight into the mastery of this work.

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  3. I love seeing statuary like these examples. It’s almost as if the figures are about to come to life. What wonderful workmanship.

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  4. So often, I’m captivated by something other than the advertised thing at a museum. This one is fabulous, not just that net, but the flame and the motion of the wings. Wow. Thanks for showing and for the link to the info. You’ve got a good pair of eyes, Yvonne. I’m glad to benefit from them.

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  5. I wonder why they always made their christ look like a Northern European, instead of a small dark middle eastern bloke,
    Still I suppose being a fairy story anything goes.

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  6. So spectacular! and the rope/net is phenomenal!
    Thinking about how amazing it would have been to watch the slab of marble turn into those amazing creations!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  7. WOW! I like this one better. The rope is so realistic.

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  8. When one sees the body beneath the veil or beneath the net it seems to be impossible. And then you see some modern stuff that is rough and shows lack of skill. Then you know you are talking about two completely different things altogether.

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    • When you look at sculptures by the old masters and then read about the hours spent just on the polishing (with pumice or chamois), you know how devoted they were to their craft. Mind you, they probably did have helpers for that sort of stuff, unless it was too detailed, like the fishing net in this statue.

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  9. as the former art teacher here—you know these sorts of things truly do leave me speechless—sculpting…Renasainse and prior—simply amazes me–a man and his chisel…and his marvelous creative eye…

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  10. nco4242

    The mesh is amazing skill is amazing as someone else said jaw dropping workmanship and skill

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    • Absolutely! We’d be hard pressed to produce that netting with twine, let alone unforgiving marble. I wonder how long it took the sculptor to produce that, and then polish it? The rest of the sculpture is excellent also.


  11. As ever your obedient servant I went directly to that final link and much to my joy and delight was not infected by a virus but enjoyed wonderful information.
    Might you have time while in Naples to visit my 22nd great grandfather…Charles I? It’s okay if you can’t.
    I love what and who you are visiting.
    Doubt if I will get there. I know of others who have the same reaction to that wonderful netting and don’t blame your fingers for itching. If I remember even Rick Steves was speechless for a moment.


  12. Disillusion is my favourite … that net! And if I remember correctly there is an amazing pattern on the floor of the chapel … I bought a bookmark of the pattern, it was so impressive.

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  13. Saw these 2 years ago and my jaw about hit the floor – the silence as people gazed upon these sculptures was justifiably reverential…

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  14. Amazing work indeed! The skill of the artist exceeds anything I’ve ever seen. How wonderful that you were able to see it in person.

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  15. Jane

    Hard to believe there is not one little piece of the net ruined and replaced! All the knots tied the right way……amazing!

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  16. My fav sculpture in the entire world!:D

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