21st Century shopping list

I bumped into a friend while shopping at Coles in Myrtleford, and was delighted that she gave me permission to share her shopping list.

We’ll have absolutely no problems deciphering her handwriting!

_coles shopping list

Noelene explained that she inserts the smiley faces to show which items are in her shopping trolley, so the only item left is some cheese. I wonder if a BLT sandwich is on the menu for her lunch?

ย I was quite in awe of her technical knowledge, especially after she demonstratedย sending a text message using her voice, to a mutual acquaintance who was elsewhere in the shop. Obviously, I need to sit down and learn more about my phone.

You just never know what you’ll find out when you’re on the lookout for a shopping list.

Thank you, Noelene, both for the list and the little tutorial.ย 






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48 responses to “21st Century shopping list

  1. I use a piece of paper. And a pen. The thing is, it works just fine.

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  2. I always use my phone to make my shopping lists and just delete items as I go around the supermarket putting things into my trolley. I put them into my calendar though in the subject line making sure it’s on the date I’m planning to go shopping.

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  3. Wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚ My kids shop this way! I still like a paper list in my hand. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Of course you know I love her ๐Ÿ™‚ idea!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And she’s got a great list of foods to eat!
    HUGS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I make lists using notes on my Samsung in Microsoft Launcher. Alex also makes lists.

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  5. But surely all the smiley faces are saying “Cheese!” for the photo?
    I too have a phone… the only time it is ever phoned is when I have to phone it myself on the landline because I can’t find it. And then, because we have no mobile coverage where I live, if it’s not in the car when I’ve driven 10k and get reception then the cell phone’s forever lost until I do the vacuuming in the house.

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  6. A good list, very orderly. We are most privileged in you sharing this list with us. I often see people on their iPhone or tablet while shopping. I lost my phone once and someone found it amongst the lettuces. Apparently I went right to the back of the lettuces to make sure I had the freshest up-to-date one. It must have slipped out then and was duly punished for my greed.
    A customer heard the phone ringing amongst the lettuces.

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  7. I’m so impressed. I have a Samsung phone and I have no idea how to do that. I need to experiment.

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  8. Susie L

    And yet again, a shopping list with no wine! Brava to Noelene though, it looks like a much healthier shopping list than my usual lists. Noelene, Iโ€™m impressed by your use of technology to make your life better. Iโ€™m sorry about your pains, you are a strong person. Thank you for sharing your list with us. โค๏ธ

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  9. I just learned how to get “Siri” to write my text messages for me. She isn’t always happy with the way I talk. I wanted to tell my brother that I had photographed some Cape Barren Geese. The message that was sent said it was Kate Barrengause. OK often become Oh Kay. But it does make it easy. But she does learn quickly. She will probably know how to write Cape Barren Geese next time.

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  10. Well, I like this list too, and the idea of adding smiley faces when something’s in the cart is really wizardy. I wonder if Noelene puts frown faces on if the item isn’t available…

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    • I hope she comes back and reads the comments, and answers your question. The frowny face is a good idea!

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      • Noelene Surch

        Good morning ! What fun ! Yes I know I shouldn’t put a space before the ! but I like it that way .. it’s more emphatic ! And I do use devil faces or similar if I can’t get an item so need to notice it for next time’s list. And the wine was spaced further up the screen which Yvonne didn’t get in the photo… ha ha โ€ฆ

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  11. Noelene Surch

    I’m Noelene โ€ฆ. I have only come to my phone lists because I have tremors in my hand and also arthritis in my wrist, elbow and shoulder. I can’t read my own writing any more โ€ฆ and used to be quite proud of my handwriting.

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  12. I agree that I love the lists that are hand-written and found rather willy nilly

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  13. Do you use Whatsapp? It’s great.

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  14. I like the list found in trolly’s better, but then I’m odd ๐Ÿ˜”

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