Madonna with a pistol

I assume most of you have heard of Banksy. If not, trot off and read a little bit about this mystery man.  Banksy

Before my somewhat truncated visit to Naples, I had read that there was a work of Banksy’s somewhere in Naples, and I was determined I would find it, no matter how long it took me. I didn’t have to look very far, it turned out to be just at the top of the street where my apartment was located! Huh, that took all the challenge out of the search. I  ate a nice rhum baba, just for spite.

So, here’s what you will see, if you walk up Via San Gregorio Armeno. I never expected to be up close and personal with one of Banksy’s works. It’s kept well protected from the busy folks who graffiti every square millimeter of space in this city.



There, now you can see the pistol

This image from street art in Naples shows how casually exposed the stencil was before it was given some protection.

street art napoli

Have any of you seen works by Banksy? I think they are to be found in many places around the world.



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58 responses to “Madonna with a pistol

  1. Jeff Kerwin

    I missed this earlier. So now they have protective glass over it? Interesting.

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  2. The only Banksy I’ve heard of Joe Banks, Cap’n Cooks pal on the Endeavour, we named Bankstown and Banksmeadow after him along with banksia; do you think they were related ? 😈

    Are you masochist?

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    • If we say he’s related, it is fact.

      I’ve just gone through a bit of masochism. My son and his wife are up in the mountains somewhere, and I’m responsible to feed their cute alpaca. I found he was out of water, and it’s a very HOT day. He is at the place they are renovating, so it’s all a bit primitive. Luckily, the water was turned back on last week, but I trudged many a long km lugging buckets of water, and crawling to and fro through a fence. I’m very hot and sweaty, but Milo the alpaca is happy.

      Now, what else do you have in mind for me, are you going to leave grumpy comments? It’s not fair.


  3. He is one of history’s phenomenons, I am so glad that he belongs to our era.

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  4. I have never seen a Banksy piece in person – but would love to – and how fun that this was not a huge chore to find (even if a bit too easy)
    and just curious – what is… “rhum baba”


  5. I’ve heard of him and have seen his work in photographs. I would love to see them in person!
    Thank you for sharing this with us, Yvonne!
    I always wanted to ask Banksy (1 or all of them) questions about the arwork.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  6. Rob C

    I do love Street Art, especially it fragility and transientness(!). The one of James Gandolfini appeared within 22 hrs of his passing and was gone too in 48hrs:

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  7. Rob C

    I’m a lover of Street Art, especially its short lifespan!
    The James Gandolfini piece here was a memorial piece that was blacked out in 48hrs:


  8. Banksy (explore)

    I found one in New Orleans that he painted shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Love his work. Glad they are protecting the Naples Madonna!

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    • That’s another inspired work, Annie.

      I just went to your site, there are so many interesting offerings there!

      PS I’m trying to sign up to your Yahoo site. No luck so far, but I’m a stubborn person …


  9. Fascinating, now I NEED MORE! Thanks for the introduction. 🙂

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  10. Wow! You find the neatest things. Now I’m off to look him up.

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  11. Wow. This is so cool. You find the neatest things.


  12. Andante

    So glad to have you back putting interesting images for us all to enjoy. Banksy has made quite a name for himself over the years, and it’s been interesting at times to learn of people / organisations squabbling about who owns his graffiti work – there’s money in them there pictures, you know!
    As you know, we’re just back from Venice (again), and the withdrawal symptoms are just starting to kick in.

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  13. Jane

    So sorry the blue bucket had to go when they protected it!

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  14. ‘There, now you can see the pistol’ It took me a while, because I was looking for a pistol painted in white. Banksy has kept his identity secret for many years. I didn’t know he got about so much.

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  15. He’s a native of Bristol — which is where I’m originally from — and I regularly see/saw two of his early works (a teddy bear throwing a molotov cocktail at police and a wife’s lover hanging from a bedroom windowsill). Missed his extremely popular shows though at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and Dismal Land at nearby Weston-super-Mare. As Cindy says, a true voice of conscience for our times.

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  16. this show was worthing two rhums babas, for the least!:)
    I hope your arm works normzally now, Yvonne.
    Love ❤

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  17. There were some in AC/DC lane in Melbourne but they were destroyed when some builders built a doorway.

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  18. Yes, I have photographed more than several around the world. As soon as I see one, I know one. He is a modern voice of conscience. I admire him so much.

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  19. I heard of Banksy, but it slipped my mind. Reading about it refreshed my memory. The blue bucket looked good. Did you ask someone to suspend that bucked, Yvonne?

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  20. I haven’t seen any but my daughter went to an exhibition of his work in Melbourne last year.

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