Yahoo, another shopping list

I had just about given up on blogging, when a friend who lives in Venice sent me this wonderful contribution. Thank you, James Jr.

He found it in the Eurospesa supermercato  on the mainland, which probably means in Mestre, the city that you go through when you leave from, or arrive at Venice by train, bus or auto. 

Just a tiny Italian lesson before I proceed: the ‘spesa’ part of the name of the supermarket refers to shopping. The phrase ‘fare la spesa’ means to do the shopping.

I can take a punt at deciphering some of these, but will depend on James (and others) to help with the rest.

I will list those I am fairly confident of, and see how many of them you can translate. Then, we’ll wait for the help with the rest. Is that a deal?



pasta pasticcio (I think I know what this is)


vino (for you, Susie)


scatolet.. soffitio  ?? (this one needs plenty of help)


Vorrechine  (no idea, sounds kind of medicinal)

acofi ..  (more of no idea!) Maybe these last two are one item?


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33 responses to “Yahoo, another shopping list

  1. Oh, I’m so glad someone sent you a list 🙂 even if I don’t understand a word of it!

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  2. Certainly hard to read. My only contribution is sedano is celery

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  3. Shopping in the streets in Venice is a dream . We went to Venice by a night train , direct Paris-Venice for a week in 2011; Unforgettable, Yvonne
    Love ❤

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  4. I was wondering just the other day if Yvonne had not found any new lists….YAY

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  5. Bert

    I am a bit puzzled by ‘pasta’ and ‘pasticcio’. The writer gives us a perfectly good ‘p’ for ‘prosciutto’, but the letters at the start of ‘pasta’ and ‘pasticcio’ are more like the way she (I presume) writes the ‘f’ as in ‘fette’. But they can’t be anything other than ‘pasta’ and ‘pasticcio’. Aceto means vinegar, as you all know (as in ‘acetic acid’). But did you know that ‘aceite’ is the Spanish word for oil? I find that very confusing when I’m in Spain. What does ‘fette’ mean? It means slices, but slices of what?

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  6. Buona lista!
    OH! and Ha! I have no idea what most of those words mean! 😮
    But the few I know are some wonderful foods and of course the wine…so I’d partake! 😉 😀
    (((HUGS))) 🙂
    PLEASE don’t stop blogging! We enjoy you, your photos, your lists, your fun! 🙂

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  7. I really like the crumpled effect – much better than my Italian

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  8. james

    pretty sure the X after (except scatola x soffritto) means they got them already. For the rest, I mostly agree with Caroline.

    As to the soffritto (my guess rather than the storage boxes, which I can’t recall this supermarket, relatively compact, having), you can usually get a mix of pre-diced onion, celery and carrots (as well as little frozen boxes of only onion or only garlic or only parsley) in a little box in the freezer section, which has a flip top you can use to shake a little in the frying pan when you need some (like before putting in a piece of meat or starting a small batch of on-the-fly pasta sauce). They are convenient when you don’t want to cut open a new whole carrot or onion for just a little piece.

    varechina means bleach

    For the last one, I was thinking acqua (bottled water), with a distorted Q since it was at the end of the little post-it note and written crooked as well.

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    • Your list has certainly generated some interest, James. I was thinking an Italian blogger would have fun with some of our English language shopping lists!

      I’ll have to see if our supermarket chain has gotten smart enough to have those packets of pre-chopped vegetables for the soffritto; what a great idea!

      But, tell me about pasta pasticcio; Word Reference had a little nervous breakdown when presented with that!

      How are you folks? Plodding along like the rest of us, I guess. ❤ I'd love to be having a coffee, or vino, or spritz with you about now!


  9. Caroline

    arance, fette, mele, sedano,
    pasta (implied ‘x’ I’d imagine) pasticcio,
    verdure, vino, prosciutto, aceto

    I think the next must be meant to be ‘scatolette x (= per) soffitta’ – little boxes for the attic. Although initially I read the last word as ‘soffritto’, which conjures up a whole different story!

    aceto (but which sort?)

    I read the last 2 words as one item and Wordreference tells me that ‘varechina’ means bleach, although the word I know for it is ‘candeggina’. But no idea about the last word which looks to me like ‘acofica’.

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  10. Apart from the prosciutto I have no idea what any of these are. 🙂

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  11. I just hoped that meant the shopper had found what they wanted, BA.


  12. I’m not too enthused by the X next to the vino!

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