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A trundle through Trastevere, part the first

Trastevere is such an interesting part of Rome in which to wander. Little side streets tempt you to see what might be down them, and the pavement is alive with people and vehicles. 

While admiring the colours and design of this apartment building, I noticed a little della Robbia lookalike on the corner.


Isn’t it beautiful?


A reminder of the recent past, embedded in the pavement, outside another apartment building.


And, a reminder of the street artist My Dog Sighs.



The fellow leaning on the broom remarked that usually, there is one man working and 3 watching. Maybe the other two were having a coffee break?


If we did work like this, we wouldn’t have to go to the gym! When next you walk on pavement like this, please give a thought to the hard work that goes into the maintenance.


It was a lovely afternoon for a wedding.


This fellow is master of all he surveys.


PS Ciao, Sig. Ramazzotti! 



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A stroll in the streets

Yesterday, at the suggestion of the fellow who writes Roman Despatches, I undertook a walk with a purpose.

It began when I got off tram 8 in Piazza Venezia, and made my way to the Via del Corso.


This statue stands near the entry to the Palazzo Venezia.


These blokes were at the door of  San Marco Evangelista al Campidoglio.  Doesn’t the man facing us have a pleasant visage?


You know exactly what time I was stopped by a red light, which gave me the opportunity to take this photo.


Hmm. I wonder how this would look as a light at the entrance to the Palatial Granny Flat?


Fashion alert! It seems that pant suits will feature in Northern Hemisphere spring wardrobes.


Just before I arrived at the eagerly awaited destination, the aroma of roasting chestnuts tickled my nose. I love the smell, but don’t like the taste of these nuts. 



Oh, boy! I’m here! Now I’ll see the ocean of azaleas covering the Spanish Steps. But, wait, it looks like there’s an ocean of people, instead, and very few blooms in evidence. Never mind, I’ll drag the always enthusiastic Dear Barb down here one evening. She’ll love it.


Homeward bound, choosing the wrong turns as I am wont to do, the return trip was somewhat longer than the arrival. Why can’t I have the instincts of a homing pigeon?

Well, I saw this fellow, anyhow, and I think it says something like “With wild animals”. That doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense. I guess you need to know the back story.


Many of you will recognise the Barberini bee, and so you’ll also know I was near the fountain that bears the family name. 



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Vivid fragments

Again, nothing too demanding for you folks, since it is the weekend. Just a few interesting things to be seen on walls, when you pause to take a wee rest.

But, isn’t it frustrating not to know the story behind this one? 



Please don’t ask where this was, I’d only be forced to lie to you.




And, a reminder that we’re all mortal.


Today me, tomorrow for you

And for Jane, a stemma.



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A non-demanding post

May I present some miscellaneous images for you, because you deserve a break. 

blog cats vomero

Cats in Vomero, an upper class area of Naples


Just bubbles

Just some faces carved in a tree stump, Trastevere.

And, thanks to Roman Despatches, we now know a bit about the young artist who did these:


The entry I’d like to have to my Granny flat


Just some Mondrian


Just an elderly Citroen



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Some images from Herculaneum

I can’t leave this site out of my posts, even though I have left Naples.

Herculaneum is a smaller site than Pompeii, and less crowded. Destroyed by the same eruption of Mt Vesuvius as Pompeii, the buildings are more recognizable, the colours  of fresco remnants more vivid. It is easily reached from Rome and Naples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, for those with time to spare, and a sense of curiosity, a documentary about this site.



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My Dog Sighs

It was a post on this blog that first alerted me to a startling example of street art in Trastevere. Roman Despatches


I did some searching online, and found out a lot about the artist and this particular work. My Dog Sighs

(You’ll miss a lot of interesting background if you don’t go to that site! And, even worse, I’ll haunt you.)

It was with a high degree of satisfaction that I spotted the work yesterday, just after I found that tiny set of stairs for Barb to climb.



I found the detail in the close-up views of the eyes quite startling. I read how he had done this, but I’m still impressed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Dear Barb

Yesterday I went for a tram ride, and this was the scene out of the window.


And, here is the scene out the tram window this morning. Guess which day I preferred.


Barb, when you see this sign, you’ll know you’re almost at home for the next week.


I thought we might run up and down these steps, which are conveniently right near the apartment, to work up an appetite for breakfast. Isn’t that the best idea I’ve ever had?


Gone With the Wind

Then, I’ll take you to this shop for a cup of good coffee, and a pastry.


These young fellows just made my day, by showing me which settings to toggle to use the internet on my phone. They happen to be staying in the very building we’ll be in, Barb. They are from Mexico, and leave in 2 days for Berlin. I hope they have a wonderful time.


Thank you, Santiago and Magdiel, you are angels in disguise.

Oh, I found a rather nice Enoteca nearby, for our lunch or dinner. I have a hunch there are many more within striking distance.

Well, that’s it for today, Barb. Remember to pack shoes for running up and down those stairs. 


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