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My stay in Naples has come to an abrupt halt, and I  am on my way back to Australia to meet a tall, dark, competent orthopaedic surgeon. Talk about your drama queen, eh?

Behave yourselves while I’m  not here  to discipline you. Don’t  do anything I would do. 😊




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Welcome to Napoli

What can I say? I sure am happy I decided to come here, although I can see many “Let’s get lost” occasions in my future.

Here is what my landlady left as a greeting. There are sfogliata in that parcel. Yum.

And, all I need to do is open the doors to the tiny balcony and there is the hubbub and colour of this ancient city. (I am grateful for double glazed windows, though.)

I may never return to Myrtleford!

Hurray! My own clothesline.

Right, off to do some exploring.


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A lucky stumble-upon

It was a corker of a day today, with lovely sunshine, just warm enough to make you seek out shade when you could. I decided it would be a good opportunity to take the train from Prato to Lucca. This is a leisurely ride, with plenty of stops and time to enjoy the passing scenery.

After a much needed lunch break, I set off for the Carrefour supermarket, looking for a particular brand of hand cream that I have found only in Italy. Although that was not a success, I did happen upon this statue in the portico of Palazzo Pretoriale. 

Meet Matteo Civitali (1436–1502), a Lucchenese surgeon turned sculptor (and architect, engineer and painter). I rather dislike these multi-talented people.

Because I’m a tad jealous of his many skills, I’ll leave you to find out more about him, if that is your desire. I shan’t think less of you because of that. 

Just to show what a giving soul I am, here are a few more images of this paragon.

I want a determined jaw like that. But, not the beard.

I guess he used this hammer thing when he did his (allegedly brilliant) sculpturing.

What is this sharp object, Matteo? Did you use it in your surgery, or your sculpture?

Well, this did soften my hard attitude toward this gifted man. How many hands have caressed this shoe? Whatever the count was, add one for mine. I really do admire you, Matteo Civitali, gifted sculptor from Lucca.

If you visit Lucca, you’ll see many of his works in the Cathedral of San Martino.




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Friends of a friend are being victimised: what can you suggest

I have no idea what I’d do in such a situation. Have any of you faced something like this? How did you handle it?

It makes me feel sad, frustrated, powerless. And, I’m not even the victim.

I have no

~New Neighbours~ It all started over parking ! Funny, but what occurred between my neighbours is serious and ongoing. To set the scene, the building I live in is in two halves. One side is a 3 storey single property and my side is divided into three apartments. The two cats and I own the […]

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Rosa’s Birthday

All around the globe, people will be wishing Rosa a Happy Birthday.

Thank you, Paul, for posting another Aussie shopping list.

I hope Santa has you on his shopping list!

The Shopping Lists - A Collection of Found Shopping Lists

This just in from Yvonne, our own very special Australian correspondent (her blog can be foundhere).
“I was standing in the queue and spotted this list clutched in the fist of the shopper ahead of me. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse (you don’t want to know), and I became the proud owner of the list.
It was at the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford. Cheers!”

There are many points of interest here, it does indeed to appear to be Rosa’s Birthday and Rosa’s will be getting a scarf and card at least – maybe some eggs too? I am not sure if the carpet cleaner is for her.

The ‘Spray and Wipe’ is not a brand we have in the UK, a quick Google shows this: Colgate Ajax Spray n Wipe

Now, about the wire wool… The list so far is pretty typical with the usual mix…

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Pistoia : cots of arms of noble families from Pistoia

Miky has provided more information about one of the stemme I found in Pistoia. Thank you for this, Miky!

I’ll be in Pistoia in March, so I hope to find that mysterious second stemma, and show it to Miky. The 2 stemme in question were first introduced to you on this post: frustration





As promised to my blogger friend Yvonne who visited Pistoia some months ago & asked me the meaning & the belonging to two cots of arms she found in Pistoia during her walks , here it is the first she met : Cancellieri family one of the most powerful family of Pistoia since 1200 .

These photos come from a book titled : “Grandi famiglie Pistoiesi - I Mercanti Banchieri -” written by Dario C. Barni – photo by Claudio & Luciano Gori – edited in 1994 by Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Chiazzano – Pistoia.

The Cancellieri family was together with the Panciatichi family one if the most powerful families in Pistoia since 1200, they were bankers with no noble origins.

On the cots of arms there is a pork as the Sinibaldo Cancellieri was called “porcone” ( big pork in English) maybe because he was a big eater!

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Myrtleford, Australia!

This is a fun, fresh blog that I follow. Maybe we can find world-wide shopping lists for Paul to share.

Do visit his blog, it’s interesting to see what he finds, and what he interprets about the people who wrote the lists.

Paul would love to receive lists from around the globe, so if you feel like being part of that, here is his email address:

Hi, Please send any lists to saying where and when you found the lists and I will post them on the blog. Many thanks!

The Shopping Lists - A Collection of Found Shopping Lists

The international debut for

This list was VERY kindly supplied by Yvonne, she says:

“I found this list in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford, Victoria, Australia on 22 September. Looks like some hearty pea and ham soup is going to be on the menu!”

Cheese, cream, apples, veg’s, dinner, ham hock, split peas.

Thanks Yvonne, if you find any more lists, please keep them coming!

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