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A capital list

This was kindly donated by Lou, who lives in Melbourne, the capital city of the state of  Victoria.


I had to ask who or what San P. was. I had the idea it was an abbreviation for some Saint! Lou set me straight. Let’s see how many of you immediately know what this shopper needed.

And, look Susie … wine! 🙂

Thank you, Lou, for keeping your eyes open on our behalf.



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5 boys in the household

The first thing that caught my eye when I entered Coles Supermarket, was a trolley at the checkout counter. It was heaped high with groceries. The second thing that attracted my attention was the young woman who was pushing that trolley. The third thing that really got me excited was that she had a shopping list held between her lips!

You all know how backward I am, in coming forward, so it wasn’t long before that list was in my possession. Not only was it a list, but it was double-sided. Rebecca informed me that this was indeed her shopping, and that she has FIVE boys at home. I was very impressed by that fact, and how she writes such a complete shopping list to refill her larder. And, refill those boys, no doubt. In my excitement, I failed to ask the age range of the boys (she looked very young), and how often she has to shop. And, why didn’t I ask for a photo of her shopping trolley? What a failure.


Here’s the flip side of her well organised list.


I make no further comments, except to say I’d need a much larger fridge, freezer and pantry if I had to shop from Rebecca’s list! 

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing this with us.



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From the Northern Hemisphere

This contribution came to me from a Canadian reader who is on vacation in Mexico. She got it from a friend in London, England. So, it has travelled a good distance to land on my blog. Thanks D, for sending this to me.

The person who sent it to me wrote this:  “The originator commented that her mother was fed up with her handwriting and said it was a good thing she (the originator) had a computer.

I’ll leave you to judge if the mother has been harsh, or not. I’ve seen far worse handwriting, and am thankful that doctors these days use their computer to generate prescriptions and reports!

list from d

So, were you able to decipher all of the items? 

And, this was just shared to me on Facebook. Thanks, Lou, it was too good not to use.





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21st Century shopping list

I bumped into a friend while shopping at Coles in Myrtleford, and was delighted that she gave me permission to share her shopping list.

We’ll have absolutely no problems deciphering her handwriting!

_coles shopping list

Noelene explained that she inserts the smiley faces to show which items are in her shopping trolley, so the only item left is some cheese. I wonder if a BLT sandwich is on the menu for her lunch?

 I was quite in awe of her technical knowledge, especially after she demonstrated sending a text message using her voice, to a mutual acquaintance who was elsewhere in the shop. Obviously, I need to sit down and learn more about my phone.

You just never know what you’ll find out when you’re on the lookout for a shopping list.

Thank you, Noelene, both for the list and the little tutorial. 





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Leichhardt list

My trusty curmudgeon, who cheerfully allows me to insult him, thus belying my character assessment of him, has pounced upon another shopping list, this time from the inner western suburb of Leichhardt, which sounds like an interesting part of Sydney:Leichhardt is a residential suburb best known as the hub of Sydney’s Italian community. Norton Street and Marion Street buzz with cafes, trattorias and bakeries, and thousands of people visit the annual Italian Festa food festival, every October. The Italian Forum is an open-air shopping mall with designer fashions and Tuscan architecture. Small bookshops, indie cinemas and cosy wine bars add to the European vibe.Can you get good coffee there, M’Lord?

The list he found was all crumpled and neglected in the bottom of a shopping trolley, and looked like this when he got it home.


M’Lord, being a tidy bloke, smoothed it a bit and stuck it down to take this photo for us.


So, what can we decipher from this offering, aside from the fact that there seems to be more than one contributor to the list.

Apple (?) mousse, crossed out, is there even such a thing as apple mousse?

Turkey, ham jam (which might be 2 items, but might be a new food stuff we haven’t heard about before). It’s also crossed out, which can mean the writers either changed their mind or realized they had some in the fridge already.

Couscous, nurofen, apples, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes (2 of them), sweet baby …. what the heck is that word!?

Pro chef non stick oil (I found out this is  a canola spray), smoked paprika, cinammon (sic) sticks, milk, Huggies wipes (aha, is there a baby in the household?), crackers, twice. Was that a little brain slippage, or does it indicate “Get 2 kinds of crackers”, or what?

Cheese, chicken and pork as protein sources, and then soft cheese. Potatoes, capers, sourdough, rocket, olives and pears to round off the purchases.

And, I like the jaunty design on the list paper.

Thanks again, faithful list finder.

Edited to add: Well, I found both Sweet Baby Rags and Sweet Baby Rays online! One is clothing, the other is BBQ sauce!!! The things I find out, thanks to my readers and commentors.



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In which M’Lord provides an interesting list

I’ve been sitting here, in a blogging doldrum, just not inspired by anything in my surrounds. Then, luckily, a curmudgeonly blogger happened to wander into a library and found a shopping list written scrawled on the back of a business card.

Thank you, M’Lord! If you are up to it, toddle along to his blog, to see what he goes on about. M’Lord’s blog 

Herewith the shopping list. 


Now, I can make out some of this, but need help from my discerning readers for the rest.

What is that first item? Pea- ????

Then, fish, tea, bread, yoghurt, eggs, capsicum, bread again, lycra!!! Here’s where my mind went on a tiny detour, thinking this fellow might be one of those MAMILs: “Mamil or MAMIL (an acronym standing for “middleaged man in lycra“) is someone who rides an expensive racing bicycle for leisure, wearing endurance- and performance-enhancing body-hugging jerseys and shorts. The word was reportedly coined by British marketing research firm Mintel in 2010.”


Right, back to reality. What do you think he was buying in lycra?

Then, is that bananas? And then, what the heck? Bank? Bark? 

The business side of the card was an extension of this slight eccentricity, and following some of the clues led me down a few rabbit holes.


Okay CELTA is a Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. So far, quite straightforward, as is NAATI Translator, which you can investigate in your spare time. 

I also invite you to do a search on, but be warned, the site is not secure, and the “info” is rather obscure.

Finally, who knew that Stinking Bishop is listed as one of the top 10 stinky cheeses in the world! Well, you do now. You can chase up more about this cheese when you have nothing better to do. Hey, has anyone ever actually eaten this cheese? Tell us all about it, please.

Thanks again, Brian. That list on the business card was a darn good find!

I’d better leave you with my grumpy greetings for a Merry Christmas.

Christmas cheer



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Love old wheels? Check out Yass

Who doesn’t love a carefully restored vintage car? Thank you to the long legged one for sharing these beauties with us.

Where to next?

1937 Packard 120 Business Coupe 1937 Packard 120 Business Coupe

1939 Buick Business Coupe 1939 Buick Business Coupe

1924 Ford Model T Speedster 1924 Ford Model T Speedster

If you’re quick and anywhere near Yass in New South Wales, you still have time to check out Classic Yass, the annual vintage motor show. It’s on today, 3 November, with almost 350 entrants spread across Banjo Patterson and Riverside Parks.

My friend, Maggie, and I stopped by this morning. We went early and got the second-best parking place in town.

Hundreds of people (and quite a few dogs) were there to enjoy the cars and billy cart (go cart) races. Maggie said there had been a plan to cancel the races, but there had been a public outcry. Race organiser, the Rotary Club, said they needed more volunteers for the races to go ahead. That worked because most of Yass offered to help.

The day has plenty of other activities. There are plenty of food…

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