Palazzo Mastelli del Cammello Cannaregio

During my last week in Venice I was invited to join the Venetian group who endeavour to ensure that the street signs (nizioleti) are maintained in the traditional manner, for an evening stroll.

P1070830The featured guest of the event was Alberto Toso Fei, a noted Venetian author. As we walked from Campo San Geremia, through the ghetto to  Campo dei Mori, Alberto recounted stories and legends about the landmarks.

P1070833Then, what a delightful surprise for me; we were invited into the corte of the Palazzo , which leads to the vestibule of a group of apartments tucked away out of public view. Prosecco and cicchetti were served, and there was time to socialise and meet many interesting Venetians.





The vestibule of the apartments


Here is the last of the group to leave the corte.


You can find out more about Alberto Toso Fei and his books here:


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11 responses to “Palazzo Mastelli del Cammello Cannaregio

  1. Hi, Liz. Oh boy, you can keep that hot weather, thank you! I really count my blessings, being able to visit Venice and to get to know some of the many wonderful Venetians who still live there.

    Enjoy your office move. 🙂


  2. MaryK

    Found it!
    I love iphoto – except when it refuses to behave and show things in proper date order…… Anyway it’s meant I spent a lovely hour scrolling through 100’s of Venice photos – so not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

    I’m emailing you the pic as I have no idea if I can attach one here! You’ll see just how wrong it is. It’s Ponte Bernardo in San Polo – just off the end of Campo San Polo – right where Da Fiori restaurant is.

    Jon is pinned down and we’re booked! Depart Aus 9th Jan for a few days in Salzburg and Bolzano and then onto Venice arriving on the 16th – just in time to spend a few days with Linda. We’re there until the 9th Feb.

    Linda and I are already talking about 2014 and coordinating dates. Looks like probably November or early December.


  3. MaryK

    Isn’t that column exceptional! You do get to the most wonderful places – with the most interesting people.

    Last year when I was there I saw a ‘wrong’ nizioleti somewhere in the depths of San Polo – wrong font, and I think, wrong shape. It looked so peculiar that I took a photo of it – but do you think I can find the blasted thing now….. (note to self: a few minutes naming and sorting photos saves hours of frustration later on).


    • Good morning, Mary. I was just thinking about you, wondering if you’ve pinned Jon down to a date to return to Venice.

      Why is it that the very photo you want decides to go into hiding? I hope it reveals itself soon, I’d like to see it.


  4. JoanneH

    How wonderful for you. You should make them aware of your lovely photos of their city and the love you have put into this blog for us wanta live there’s.


  5. Oops, hit the send button too soon. Hope you are well.


  6. Marie Ohanesian Nardin

    Hello, Yvonne.
    It’s been quite some time. Judging by these photos it looks like you truly enjoyed your last stay in Venice. I hope to see you, once again, next time you’re in town.
    All the best,
    Marie Ohanesian Nardin


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