What is the collective name for a group of nuns?

A superfluity of nuns, viewed from above.  group




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57 responses to “What is the collective name for a group of nuns?

  1. Why has my email not been telling me of new postings from you?? I shall refollow…


  2. Sorry–I couldn’t stop hitting Like on the comments. They’re wonderful.

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  3. An anonymous anunimous. ( Too late in the day for my brain I think!)

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  4. Liz

    I did not know that. Thanks for telling me!


  5. a gaggle of nuns
    A flock
    A herd
    A murder of crows( that one came by way by my sweet)
    A parliament
    Ok that’s enough
    I said my nuns
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  6. I’m not sure. A herd, a swarm or a motorcycle gang of nuns don’t seem very likely, but I’m not sure what the correct alternative is. 🙂

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  7. Ha! I thought of a “huddle” (that is what a group of penguins are called) or a “flock” or a “family” or a “congregation”. 😀
    Love the photo!
    BTW: I was named after a nun.

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  8. I have no clue, but you have so many words, now!

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  9. In French I do not remember a special name to say a group of nuns walking in the street or in another place . Of course there are the congregations but they are a religious institution.
    Love ❤

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  10. Andante

    How about “A monochrome of Nuns”?

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  11. When we visited Sacre Coeur in Paris, mass was on and we joined in. There was a superfluity of nuns right down the front near the altar and Mr ET, who is Catholic, decided to join in Communion so he could have a better look. He was surprised to see they were nearly all quite young women, because nuns here are all ancient!

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  12. A gaggle of nuns? They often do cackle in unison, or gaggelen (in Dutch).

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  13. Since nuns are ethereal and other-worldly, I would have to call a group of them a nun-entity….

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  14. What do you call a group of bloggers?

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  15. Really? I did not know that – I’m not up on Catholic terminologies. I wonder why? And what is a wandering group of priests called? It can’t be a conclave if they are out in public can it?

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