From Melusina to the Starbucks logo

In my previous post, the last, rather strange image evoked mild response, with some of us curious to find out more. I posted the image on a Venetian group page on Facebook, with a plea for any information that could be provided. Many people responded, and  I can now tell you a bit about this unusual creature and her offspring.


She is a depiction of Melusina (also spelt Melusine), a  spirit of fresh water in a sacred spring or river. She is usually shown as a woman who is a serpent or fish from the waist down, sometimes with two tails. If you like myths, follow this link to find out more about this spirit.  melusine   Melusina was one of a set of triplets, by the way. There were a few suggestions about the two half human, half goat infants suckling, but no one came up with a suggestion I felt was useful to the discussion.

One of the people on Facebook mentioned that Starbuck’s logo features Melusina! Sure enough, when I did an online search, there she was in her two-tailed glory. By 1992, the image had been modified to omit this characteristic. But, just look at the 1971 version … that’s our lass for sure. You can read the history of this logo here: starbucks

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You just never know where a topic or comment will lead you!



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45 responses to “From Melusina to the Starbucks logo

  1. I hate Starbucks. I wonder what connection Starbucks thinks of itself to use that symbol? When I think of all that wonderful coffee you get in Venice!

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    • Click on the link in the post to read the history of the connection between a siren and Starbucks coffee. Basically “The symbolism of the mermaid siren was not intended to suggest the demise of the customers who bought the coffee, but rather, to represent the irresistible and seductive quality of the coffee itself.” Liberties were taken I think. 🙂

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  2. That’s very interesting. I’ll bet Melusina was a fascinating being to meet. She sounds like a lady with a tail or two.

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  3. You are right Yvonne , Comments lead us to various topics asking researches and discoveries.
    Until then I heard of the fairy Melusine whom French writers wrote about in the Middle Age but probably imported by the Romans when they invaded the Gaul .
    Thanks help us to learn more 🙂
    Love ❤

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  4. Fascinating Yvonne!

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  5. Bert

    If you look on this page: and scroll down or search for ‘melusina’ you will find a Venice connection. If you go down a bit further (the 6th match) you will get an English translation.

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  6. Now that is fascinating! One of the things I love about blogging is the information that comes from other readers. Often I think the only reason people come to my blog is to catch up with each other and read the comments. Love that!

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  7. I wonder what the Advertising weirdo was thinking when he connected her with coffee

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  8. Love your research. Sad about the stealth of history by Starbucks, Outrageous.

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  9. How interesting. I love learning new things.

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  10. It’s good that you elicited such responses

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  11. Susie L

    Fascinating Y!


  12. cadeauca

    Wow! I never knew about the origins of Starbuck’s logo. How fascinating! Thanks for sharing.

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  13. I always walk a big arch around Starbucks. Now I understand. Never underestimate the power of a half goat half human with suckling as well. God, knows what goes on inside Starbucks.

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    • And, don’t forget all those fertility symbols. Stay well clear, Gez.

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      • And although I buy Starbucks ground coffee (Cafe Verona by the way) for home, I wouldn’t think of going in and ordering an espresso or cappuccino….they just don’t know what to do if I don’t order some weird long non fat, decaf tripple…and on and on.
        But then I got a really bad cappuccino at a local Italian restaurant also.

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  14. Of course….that’s where I’ve seen her before….living in (or darn near) Seattle as I do. I’ve passed that creature on the top of Starbucks headquarters many times….never to associate her with Venice…but I’ve always associated her with coffee so maybe it’s the same thing…since I also associate Venice with coffee. Sort of.

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  15. As one of your readers who contributed no good suggestions at all to the original post and who completely lacked the nous to visit Mr Wiki or Mr Google, I am delighted to be a little better eddicated at the end of this post. I never saw fish at all, just trees – obviously not even putting ‘Venice’ and local natural phenomena together! [Hangs head in shame and shuffles off back to her corner.] Must try better next time 🙂

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    • Why she pops up in Venice is a little mystery, she’s associated with Norse mythology. Someone must have seen her somewhere and decided she’d be a good addition to the features of that Palazzo.

      Get out of that corner …

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  16. I had forgotten about the fairy Melusine. It’s so interesting she shows up in so many places.

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