Just typical!

Now that it’s time to leave, the weather goes all warm and fuzzy. That’s life, eh?

In the Piscina di Frezzeria, not far from Piazza San Marco, this pissotte has received a cheerful, atypical make over.


The wall next to it didn’t avoid a brush with colour, either.


I’m not sure whether to call it graffiti, or street art. What do you think?


Ciao for now. See you sometime next week, I reckon.


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* I’ve been called a Cyber bl**dy freak, and I love that! Recognition at last.

The arrival of two more pesky tourists in the next day or so is going to seriously curtail the time I can spend in a secluded corner thinking of blog posts.  So, I’d better get organised and have one ready to publish. So, here you go. This is how the Vigili del Fuoco (firemen) check the hydrants and hoses in Venice.


Yup, looks OK, no holes in this one.


Turn that water on, Marco

Looking good, blokes.

Looking good, blokes.


This looks like fun. maybe we can all become fire-people in Venice!

* About the title. It has nothing at all to do with this post, but I was so honoured with my new label that I just had to use it. 


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Bless me, followers

Bless me, for I have sinned. I have committed the deadly sin of a leg-pull.

My previous post about the  alleged requirement to wear a vest while in a gondola was inspired by seeing a film crew busy at work near the Accademia Bridge. The people in the vests are all actors.

This was just too good an opportunity to miss, and I had a feeling it would engender interesting comments.

Now I have to apologise, and do some penance, I suppose. Tonight, my spritz will be with Aperol, that will be a suitable punishment for me.

Here is a little peace offering for all of you.




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What next!

I apologise for the quality of the photos, I only had my phone with me.

It seems that trials are underway in the use of flotation vests on all gondolas. We spotted two gondolas from the Accademia station, loading tourists onto the gondolas, and making them wear vests.

In this photo, you can see the customers wearing red safety vests. This is not my idea of a romantic gondola ride!


In this shot, you can see other people waiting to go for their ride, also wearing the flotation vests.


I can only surmise this is the city council’s response to increased traffic on the busy Grand Canal, and their attempt at ensuring passenger safety.

Will we soon have to wear these on the already overcrowded vaporetti? I might be able to tell you more when I read Il Gazettino (the local newspaper) tomorrow.




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Bassano del Grappa revisited

The pesky tourists and I took the slow regional train to Bassano del Grappa today. The weather was lovely, and Bassano, as always, was charming.

The river water was clean and still, with lots of trout swimming in it.


We ate lunch at the place you can see across the river, the one with the yellow umbrellas. We ate … trout.


The sign says  “It’s forbidden to trample the dreams.”


Guess what we found? A pissota!


The tourists enjoyed the view from the bridge.


This Alpinisto is either bidding his sweetheart hello or goodbye. I hope it was the former.


Huh! Window shutters can come  in other colours aside from green.


And, other shapes aside from a wide rectangle.


Some glimpses of the architectural details in Bassano del Grappa.


Quite a few buildings show traces of frescoes.


We discovered this is the private home of a local business man. We watched as his car was lowered via an elevator in the driveway, into his underground garage.


We also visited the memorial on Monte Grappa. This will be the subject of a separate post.

My apologies for the long period of silence. We’ve had a few problems with the internet provider!


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During this visit to Venice, I’m not taking many photos, being busy evading those darn tourists and all.

Here’s a selection to show that I haven’t been completely slack.

I wonder what this officer spied up above us? And, is she deciding she needs a manicure at the same time? Oh, and check out the most recent hairstyle for blokes on the fellow in the background.


We went back to see the maestro (Carlo) pour some bronze pieces, at the Valese Foundry. I never get tired of watching the whole process. It sure was warm in the foundry that afternoon.


This is rather hot, I reckon.


Did he buy a watermelon, or not?


The fellow who operates the hoist that lowers the Pink Lioness dragon boat took advantage of their tardy arrival to catch some rest in his hammock. I was very envious.


And, here come those Lionesses, ready to get out and row. They’re in serious training for the Vogalonga (literally a very  ‘long row’ of 42 km) which takes places on 24 May. Some of you will recognise a familiar face. She was looking mighty serious that day.


Just a rather nice incised piece, hanging around.


And, an interesting piece of real estate.



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Hallooo! I’m back

Those pesky tourists got me on a train and wouldn’t let me off until we hit a town named Udine. It turned out the female of the pair has some Italian relatives nearby, who insisted we eat and drink and laugh and talk. They also tended to photo-bomb at every opportunity. It must be a genetic trait.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining. We saw some lovely cats who would pose for about 5 euro a shot (or some treats, whichever was convenient for us).

So here you go, the obligatory cute cat photos.

This first cool cat was, in fact, a Venetian resident

This first cool cat was, in fact, a Venetian resident




This cat belonged to our hosts for the weekend. Her name is Ghia.


And, this was a cat we encountered in Udine. It seemed to have a sore front paw. 



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