I found this little list on the floor under the banana bin. I did check to see if I could spot a shopper looking around to see where he/she dropped that list. Then, it became our property. (Yes, I am implicating you after the fact.)

If they did lose it early in their shopping excursion, I wonder what item(s) they might have forgotten (or added) as they trawled the aisle. 

I can imagine the conversation at home “Where are my marshmallows? And, who are these Tim-Tams for?”

Do you think the little drawing beside the Coleslaw is a mushroom? Or do you have a better idea? (Unlikely, but hey, I try hard to be nice to the readers.)


I really am fond of this list, it is rather eccentric in its presentation.

I have 2 more international lists waiting in the wings. I really love having these contributions from you nice people. (That time, I was being sincere.)




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Innocent shopper meets stalking blogger

Judi didn’t know that 2 worlds were going to collide when she was approached at the checkout by a total stranger. After deciding that I was probably harmless, she confessed to a touch of OCD, having designed her own template for her shopping lists. (Hey, that has given me an idea!)

I was beginning to think that the majority of Myrtleford grocery shoppers bought up big when they went to Coles, but Judi explained her groaning trolley as being due to the arrival of visitors for the weekend. Among the group was a vegetarian, so there were additional entries to her usual choices. 

Judi is a definite crosser-outer, making it difficult for us to enjoy analysing what was going to be on the menu for the next few days, what brand of toilet paper they chose, and so on. 


Thank you, Judi, for being a good sport, and also for waiting so long before your list appeared. 


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A list from the gabby one

One of my lovely readers,  (*) Gabby Gwen who also happens to be an excellent writer,  has kindly donated a shopping list for us to dissect.

I could follow this list very easily, but she would have to accept my choice of vegetables, brands and flavours.

gabby one list

So, what do you deduce from her list?

(*) She kindly tolerates my nickname for her.

Gabby One has also donated this list that she found on the floor in Aldi. She admired how organised this shopper seems to be. Heck, no challenge, eh?

I like the way she/he does the “b’s”. (I had to check on how to write the plural of b. I had opted for bs, but that sounded just rude!)

What is that first item under Meat/Poultry/Fish? I know someone will be able to tell me.

gabby list 1



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The secret to blogging success

Thanks to my weird and wonderful blogging mate, Bruce, I now know what I have to do to achieve fame and fortune in the blogging kingdom!

I am off now to find some cosmetics and hair products to write about. I can just see my stats soar.

Do yourself a favour, if you’re a struggling blogger, and read Bruce’s post:


Thank you, Bruce Almighty.


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A list from the Leichhardt lad

My ever alert mate, the curmudgeon, and his beloved wife, whom he fondly refers to as The War Office (undoubtedly a lovely couple) have supplied us with this list that was spotted in their suburban Sydney supermarket. (Ooh, unplanned alliteration.)

shopping list brian1

What in the world are ‘sleep lollies‘? (By now, any readers who are not from England, New Zealand or Australia, should know that lollies are candies.)

What kind of tea is this shopper looking for?

I’m not so sure I want to be at their dining room table the day they serve humus! (And, yes, I do know there might be an extra ‘m’ lurking around, looking for a place to settle.)

I wouldn’t know a kombucha if I tripped over it. Please enlighten me, somebody.

A pretty simple shopping list, but it still has its share of quirks and puzzles, I think.

Thank you, M’Lord and TWO, for thinking of me when you spotted this list. 


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Some answers from Peter’s mother

You will remember this brilliant trio of shopping list, courtesy of Peter’s mother:

peter lists

Recently, she kindly supplied answers to some of the things that puzzled us. Here they are, for your ongoing education:

My Mother is delighted that her list has caused such debate and interest. She has now filled me in on some of the queries, some of which other readers have already guessed.

M = for Mother (my Mother’s Mother)
S = for Peter’s brother
3 after teabags = three packs
Sav = Savers – a discount health and beauty shop http://www.savers.co.uk/
Ice = Iceland – another discount https://www.iceland.co.uk/
Tes = Tesco – one of the main UK supermarkets https://www.tesco.com/
B/C = Bodycare – another discount health and beauty store https://www.bodycareplus.com/stores/
W = Wilkinson’s – another discount store (do you get the picture https://www.wilko.com/
Is there a sweet tooth in play? YES!
3 grapes = three punnets of grapes
Numbers of bananas = individual bananas
Lists all written by one person – my Mother
The chocolate bar in question is an aero

We hope this helps, but if we’ve missed anything, just let us know!


I just love that the whole mob gets involved with these shopping lists, either by supplying them, or taking an active a part in the comments section.

I have another one waiting in the wings, from the lovable old curmudgeon. It’ll be published anon.




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A shopping bonanza from Peter

How many of you remember  Peter , who introduced me to street art (among other things) in Trastevere? Trastevere mural
A while back, he sent me an email with shopping lists from his mother, and commented: 
“I mentioned your blog to my Mother and she saved the attached shopping lists which she thought you might like to see.
As you can see below, it was a triple treat for me. And now, thanks to Peter’s mother, let’s see what is on her lists.
Here are all three together, then the individual lists that I cropped from the original image.
peter lists
There’s a lot to look at, eh? (Or as Peter would say “No?’)
For those of you who don’t understand British or Australian English, did you know that chewey is chewing gum? And, it seems that M and S have different needs as far as this treat is concerned.
It took me a while to realise that it was sugar listed under T. bags. And does the 3 after the tea bags indicate 3 different types of tea are needed?
What else interests you about this first list?
peter lists-001
Now I’m really lost. I hope Peter will explain about (Sav) and (Ice), and W, Tes and B/C. I did find out that Neutradol is a room freshener, and Vosene might be a hair conditioner. What type of bars are those listed above Fry’s bars? And, along with the 2 types of digestive biscuits, do we have a sweet tooth in the family? Who ever did this shopping does the ‘tick-off’ as each item is found and plonked in the shopping basket. Does the handwriting look different from that in the first and 3rd lists to you? Or maybe not, caps are used in both, and the letters look similar. Peter will no doubt enlighten us about that.
peter lists-002
And now, some precision shopping, with quantities spelled out in some cases. I think the shopper knows exactly what they mean by “3 grapes”. Who can tell me what the item below sweet corn is? 
peter lists-003
That was fun! It’s so good when people find a list (or 3) and share them with us.
Thank you, Peter’s mother from Lancashire (I think).



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