Seen in the streets of Florence

Just a few images from that city of Renaissance art.

What a cheery, cheeky face

What a cheery, cheeky face

His fellow marcher shows a more dignified demeanour

His fellow marcher shows a more dignified demeanour


Hydraulic equipment: a necessity in maintaining historic buildings

Here's one way to take a tour of the attractions of Florence

Here’s one way to take a tour of the attractions of Florence

Street art can be a fleeting display

Street art can be a fleeting display

I just don't know what to make of this, but I liked it

I just don’t know what to make of this, but I liked it

Well, that’s it for me, from Downtown Dismal Swamp. When next I drift into your life, I may be showing scenes with snow and a shivering cat. Cheers!




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We have a winner in the “Name that Mutt” pseudo-competition

I put the names on slips of paper,  shut my eyes tightly, then drew one out of the goldfish bowl (before the slips of paper were eaten by those hungry little suckers).

The winner is … GROMIT!!!!! Well done, Andrew. You have to be satisfied with this pat on the back and your name featured on my blog. Lucky sod.

Thank you to everyone who entered and who must now suffer the humiliation of being losers. That’s life.

For those of you who have never seen Wallace and Gromit, my sincere commiserations. Click on the link below to enter a whole new world of insanity!


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Chiesa Angelo Raffaele

In the sestiere of Dorsoduro, you’ll find the aforementioned church. It is an unusual church in that you can walk right around it, a rare occurrence in Venice.

The church is dedicated to St Raphael, and above the door, you’ll see a fine representation of him, his companion Tobias carrying a big  fish, and Tobias’ dog.

I just adore the story of how the Angel Raphael (in disguise) guides the young lad, Tobias, to a distant land, with the aim of collecting an old debt for his blind father. Along the way, Tobias falls in love with a young woman who is possessed by an evil spirit. (Funny how that so often happens!)  Raphael teaches Tobias how to get rid of that darn spirit, so young love can triumph, they can live happily ever after, etc., etc.  All together now “Awwww.”

To read all about this, and also to find out why Tobias carried that fish for such a long time, you can either open the Old Testament to the Book of Tobit, or go for this simple version: st-raphael-and-tobias



The travelling companions, and fish



Our little friend, Tobias complete with fish



I reckon we should have a “Name that dog” competition. As usual, only fame and glory for the winning entry, no cash prizes. (It’s my contest, I make the rules.)

There you go, Bert, a post set in Venice.


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Atherton War Cemetery

T’other day, I drove down a seldom travelled road to get to a neighbouring town, Lower Dismal Swamp. This caused me to see something I had never noticed before … I never knew that there was a war cemetery in Dismal Swamp! Furthermore, it’s listed in the Queensland Heritage Register.

There are 164 graves with identical headstones for soldiers and airmen of the district who were killed during World War II.

In an online reference, it is noted “The graves represent 19 different Australian services and corps including: Infantry, Army Service Corps, Air Force, Volunteer Defence Corps, Medical Corps and Engineers, and one grave belongs to a member of the Young Men’s Christian Association.” 

What else might I discover during my last week in Dismal Swamp?







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The Arte di Calimala

On Via Calimurazza, Florence, as you slow down with a gelato clutched in your hand and look up, you’ll see a number of representations of an eagle clasping a bale of fabric in its claws.

They indicate the presence of the powerful Florentine guild who “ imported woollen cloth from northern France, from Flanders and Brabant, which was dyed, stretched, fulled, calendared and finished in Florence (World Heritage Encyclopedia™).

For those of you with an interest in history, here is a link to one of many online articles regarding this guild:  Arte_di_Calimala

The guild was founded in the late 1100s, so we are left to speculate as to the age of these carvings.


P1120322 P1120323



This one really shows the effects of time and the weather

You’ll also see a portrayal of the Holy family. 


Thank you to Jane who pointed me in the direction of this little street in Florence.


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Bridge reflections


Debra posts many beautiful photos of the area near her Italian home. These just took my breath away. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you Debra.

Originally posted on Bella Bagni di Lucca:

There can never be too many photos of the magnificent Ponte della Maddalena. Sometimes you can be very lucky and find the river below as smooth as glass, offering gorgeous reflections.

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Walk to the top for beautiful views of the valley.

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

Devil's bridge

I love this bridge…when I see it I know I am not far from Bagni di Lucca.

View original


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How they do it in Florence

We humans produce an amazing amount of garbage every day. This poses problems of efficient removal of said trash.

Different cities handle it in different ways. In Florence, householders generally have to carry their rubbish (and recycling stuff) to big, smelly bins like these.  Trucks  carry away the detritus, on a regular basis.


The tax paying residents in the historic centre got fed up with the noise and smell of this process, and the result has been that, progressively, the bins to collect rubbish and recyclables are being buried under the pavement.

Here’s what they look like from the street-side.


This is where you would put your organic wastes which will drop down into the underground holding bin.

Here’s a line up of  receptacles for every type of rubbish/recyclable.


Someone doing the right thing.


And, here is how the bins get emptied.



How does your town/city/council deal with garbage?


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