Lisa with an ‘s’ sent a list

One huge benefit I get from you folks sharing your shopping lists with me, is I find out more about you, and where you live.

Today’s list is from Lisa, aka arlingwoman and I thank her heartily for sharing it for us to enjoy, analyse, etc. Please drop in to her blog (link in previous sentence) and say “Hi”.

This is what Wiki-you-know-what says about her home city:

“Arlington is home to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, both of which are popular tourist attractions and attract defense and military personnel to the area.Arlington is a county in northern Virginia, and as of May 19, 2018, Arlington is known to have the healthiest citizens in all of the United States.” Lisa, are you one of those healthy ones? What contributes to that positive state of affairs in your city?

And, here’s what Lisa had to say about her shopping du jour, as well as a recipe for a fish dish:

Hmmm…I live in Arlington, Virginia, USA.  I shop at the Whole Foods near where I live.  It’s colloquially known here as Whole Paycheck, but I don’t think the prices are bad if you’re not buying prepared foods or deli foods.  I decided not to get the cod there, though, as it was more costly and a bigger package than Safeway, where I also intend to get the decaf coffee.  Probably this weekend for that, though.  It’s not a very big list as I have vegetables from the garden and don’t eat much meat.

 I make my list in the order I go through the store—and now I know I’m not alone in that as your Finnish list maker said she did the same!

I discovered a nice way to fix the cod (normally I bake it with lemon, olive oil, capers and feta cheese, but it’s too hot for that) with some Moroccan spices mixed with bread crumbs.  Dip the fish in egg, roll in the seasoned bread crumbs and fry.  Yum.  It has to be drained, though … hence the paper towels. (Editor’s note: I think that paper towel with the oil can safely go in the compost bin.)

This is likely WAAAAYYY more than you need.  It will be fun to see it and see comments!

I had a tad of bother getting the image onto the site, so I had better do some transcribing for you.

fruit?  Tom’s  Green beans  Avocado  Lettuce  deodorant  Toothpaste  ????  Tonic (I think)  Seltzer  Cod  Chicken?  Creamer  ????  Paper towels   Wine  decaf  eggs

So, who can decipher the mystery items? What else do you need to comment on? Thank you again, Lisa.

Remember, I am always looking for contributions for this topic!






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What they buy in Finland

A very obliging fellow blogger has not only provided us with a shopping list, but has kindly and competently translated the planned purchases into English for us. So, thank you Kristiina. Please visit her blog here for some wonderful photos, and a glimpse of Finnish life.

This is what Kristiina had to say about where she lives, and where she shops.

We live in a municipality of Hämeenkyrö in western Finland. We do our shopping in a near by town, Ikaalinen, 14 kilometers from home.
We use normally two “malls”, they are not like malls there, these are small ones. In Ikaalinen is about 7000 inhabitants, so the malls are in the same scale, small.
The other is S-Market, a Finnish chain, the other very well known in Europe, Lidl, a German chain.

Location of Hämeenkyrö in Finland

The area in red is Hämeenkyrö

Map of Ikaalinen

And now for a very special shopping list.

List Denmark-001

Now we’ll know how to find the ice-cream and bananas when we shop in Finland.

PS I am running out of lists. All donations are pathetically and gratefully accepted.


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I’ve made an appointment

I hope their hair styling is as creative as their sign.



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From Bruce Almighty on the Shaky Island

My polymath mate from New Zealand found this little list on the ground in the trolley parking area of  New World, Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand. 

Being Bruce, he is hoping that the entry “insines” turns out to be something rude. I have had no inspirations, divine or otherwise, to say what this shopper was looking for.

Bruce and I also wonder what in heck Toilet Cue can be. Is Toilet going to star in a local stage production and is the shopper looking a suitable item to give Toilet his/her prompts?

What about Cat Roll? Any ideas about that?

Thank you Bruce. Folks, do yourself a favour and toddle off to his blog  . You never know what you might find there.




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Pat’s list

Thanks to Pat, who lives in Florida, we have another international shopping list.

My connection to Pat goes back to 2009, when a group of intrepid women from both hemispheres started to talk about a meet-up in Rome. Pat wasn’t able to come that time, but, boy did she make up for lost time in subsequent years! I finally got to meet her face to face, in Venice. What year was that, Pat?

Pat's list

What nice handwriting this is. And, I had to look up a few items to find out what I have been missing.

Aha! For Susie and me, there’s wine on this list.

Thank you so much for sharing this list that you found tucked into your purse, Pat. 


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I found this little list on the floor under the banana bin. I did check to see if I could spot a shopper looking around to see where he/she dropped that list. Then, it became our property. (Yes, I am implicating you after the fact.)

If they did lose it early in their shopping excursion, I wonder what item(s) they might have forgotten (or added) as they trawled the aisle. 

I can imagine the conversation at home “Where are my marshmallows? And, who are these Tim-Tams for?”

Do you think the little drawing beside the Coleslaw is a mushroom? Or do you have a better idea? (Unlikely, but hey, I try hard to be nice to the readers.)


I really am fond of this list, it is rather eccentric in its presentation.

I have 2 more international lists waiting in the wings. I really love having these contributions from you nice people. (That time, I was being sincere.)



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Innocent shopper meets stalking blogger

Judi didn’t know that 2 worlds were going to collide when she was approached at the checkout by a total stranger. After deciding that I was probably harmless, she confessed to a touch of OCD, having designed her own template for her shopping lists. (Hey, that has given me an idea!)

I was beginning to think that the majority of Myrtleford grocery shoppers bought up big when they went to Coles, but Judi explained her groaning trolley as being due to the arrival of visitors for the weekend. Among the group was a vegetarian, so there were additional entries to her usual choices. 

Judi is a definite crosser-outer, making it difficult for us to enjoy analysing what was going to be on the menu for the next few days, what brand of toilet paper they chose, and so on. 


Thank you, Judi, for being a good sport, and also for waiting so long before your list appeared. 


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