Venice, in the Philippines.

Thank you, Robin.

I had no idea that there was a Venice so much closer to Australia. 🙂

Robin Saikia

As anyone who monitors their dreams will know, it is amazing how similar one place can seem to another. Take, for instance, Megaworld Lifestyle’s Venice Grand Canal “lifestyle” mall in the McKinley Hill township of Taguig City in the Philippines. We learn from Wiki that it is “pet-friendly”, and “home to an array of shopping brands, a supermarket, lifestyle stores, bookstores, services shops, novelty shops, and wellness and fitness centers”. In these respects it is identical to the Italian Venice. Also, like the original, it was designed by Italians. It seems churlish to nitpick about superficial differences rooted in dusty old history, when these essential up-to-date core values have been so meticulously set in place. A significant point is that in common with Italian Venice, the Philippine counterpart has real residents, those who live in McKinley Hill. I wonder how long it will take them to develop the embittered sense…

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9 responses to “Venice, in the Philippines.

  1. Woww👏🏻 hope you will like my London to Venice travel blog as well ☺️

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  2. Just stopping by to say Hey! I hope you are doing well.
    (((HUGS))) 🙂

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  3. Andante

    So clean, bright, shining and well-maintained and presented….
    Just like the original

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  4. We came across a “little Venice” in a suburb of Tokyo while wandering aimlessly. It wasn’t very big but it was very pretty.

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  5. Looks like it would smell of chlorine. That would be a tad different.

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  6. Bert

    I followed a link to which was very interesting.


  7. An amazing picture with fascinating musings

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  8. Thank you for reblogging, Yvonne. I’m always fascinated to hear about Venice-related projects in unlikely places – this one is really extraordinary!

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