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Yay! A shopping list

Now, this lady knows how to give me a warm fuzzy! (How many of you remember that term?) And now I know what schmaltz is.

Thank you, Gretchen, for doing the right thing when you spotted this list.

Hello, I always love to see what you post, so when I saw this in the cart at my Jewel market, I brought it home. The first item should be ‘Swiffers’. And not sure if that’s ‘beets’ or ‘beer’. Lastly, I shop there all the time but no idea where to find schmaltz. Best wishes from Chicago. — Gretchen

Can someone give us the recipe for matzo balls? 


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From Ian-the Dumbest Blogger

I have grown totally dependent on the kindness not of strangers but of my fellow bloggers, to be able to post shopping lists. It also caters to my totally lazy nature.

So today, I have to rouse myself from my new occupation of sofa tester, to thank Ian for this list. You can see his offerings here

Ian had this to say about the list he found and donated to us:

Here is the list I thought you might appreciate. I have very little to add in the way of commentary except that it appears to be very eclectic in nature, and was found somewhere in Wisconsin, heaven knows where exactly. Dumbestblogger 

Oh, goodness, where do we start on this one? Over to you, folks!


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From a Northern hemisphere correspondent, with thanks!

These lists were kindly donated by a North American follower, who asked that her identity remain anonymous. I can kinda see why!

The story – I was in Costco by myself as my husband was otherwise occupied.  I’m struggling with the big cart, big bag, phone with my shopping list, slipping down mask, etc.
I saw the first list sitting on a table and asked the guy standing next to it if it was his list.  He said no, and I said I’m going to take a photo of it.  He looked at me like I was a weird-o, so I explained about you and your blog.  He then asked if I also wanted to take a picture of his list.  I said sure, thank you, my friend would be thrilled, 2 lists back to back, etc.  Photos done, I left to stand in the long  checkout line.
And … that’s when I noticed the button on my blouse (at breast level) was wide open.  OMFG.  I was so embarrassed and have no idea how long it was like that!!!  Except for the fact I have 6o-ish year old breasts, I would think he was kind so he had more time to stare at my gaping blouse!  Thank god for Covid and the need for face masks!
I never have adventures like that when I go shopping!
The first one is a little hard to read, but I am interested to see ‘seaweed’ as an item. Does anyone use this, and what do you do with it? 
And ‘live traps  x 2’; are they a humane way to catch and release mice? Ugh, lamb patties, I am happy not to be in that household.
What else catches your eye on this list?
Here is the list of the ‘kind’ fellow. 🙂
Is coconut sugar one item or two? I’ve just done an online search, and now I know. I’ll leave you to do your own research on that.

I hope all of you are keeping well, and occupied. Some days, I feel like maybe my brain has turned to mush!






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In which I suffer Shopping List Envy (and report some happy news)

Ages ago, my friend Jan asked if I needed more shopping list. I reluctantly snatched this one from her hand.

When I read it, I knew all my dreams had been answered. I never have to write a list again; I will just trot around the supermarket and buy the items from this list. My pantry and fridge will be groaning with largess. I may be oversupplied with some items, toothbrushes for example, but what a small price to pay! Thank you Jan, for organising my life.


Some of you are aware that a group of volunteers has been beavering away, producing a book chronicling the stories of some of the Italian migrants to this region of Victoria. I can now report that the book has been printed, and we are now offering it for sale.

It has been a huge job which led us to find out so much, not only about the migrants, but also the many tasks that go into putting together a factual narrative. 

We received a photo from the printers  of the first batch of books to come off the press. It brought a surge of emotions as I finally saw the fruits of our labour. (And this offspring took longer than 9 months to deliver to the world!) The title came from a recurring phrase used by the families to explain why they migrated and why they stayed in Australia.

May I present For a Better Life to you:

I am adding a link to the email address to order the book. The cost is $30 AUD, plus postage.

The contact person is Jan Mock, the email address is u3amyrtleford@gmail.com

Thank you!


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Fruit for smokos (*)

Can you imagine my joy when I was donated this pretty shopping list? People are not so careless with them as they were a few short months ago; there are none to be seen in shopping trolleys/baskets any more.

I was very impressed with the consistent use of ‘bullets’ before each item on the list and the easy to read printing. I also loved the idiosyncratic spelling that pops up here and there. Can you spot the item that might indicate the presence of a vampire at the dining table? (Down Under, we refer to the evening meal as ‘tea’, by the way.) What others might have tickled your funny bone?


(*) Many of you will be familiar with the term ‘smoko’, but in case you haven’t encountered that Aussie word, it refers to a rest from work for a smoke and/or a bit of a snack. 

When I still lived in Dismal Swamp (aka Atherton), I took a photo of the fellows who were gearing up to paint the interior of my home. They were on smoko before tackling the work.

They were having 'smoko' before they started the job. My house looks all fresh and sparkly!





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Don’t get any farfalle

Shopping list have been few and far between in these days of Covid-19, but G.O.B. (*) came up trumps for us. He found this rather battered example in his shopping cart at New World, in Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand.

Taranaki is a region on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. It is named after the Taranaki Volcano, which looks like this:


I borrowed this image from G.O.B. who has a view of this old thing from one of his windows. I’m not sure which window that is. Now I had better go and ask him if it is okay to use it, before I post this and he sues me. 

I’m back, and after a bit of applied whinery and bribery, I may share it with you. Thanks, Bruce.

Enough of the preamble, let’s visit the star of the show. It looks like a list that was  written for another person to do the shopping. 

So 6 chicken breasts, but only 2 chicken thighs? This imbalance will bother me for ages. Make darn sure those thighs are skinless and boneless.

Pork loin steaks: I wish I knew how they prepared them. My attempts at cooking pork ends up in a dish that is either tasteless or dry. Or, both at once, come to think of it.

Then brocholini [sic] x 3, a very healthy choice. Eggs, tea bags (oh, boy, a choice has to be made about the type) and Persil liquid. I have now discovered that “Persil laundry detergent is New Zealand’s leading laundry detergent. Persil is designed to give outstanding whiteness and brightness in all water temperatures.” Do you use this, Bruce? 

Now, why were the farfella [sic] rejected? Did the list writer discover a packet hidden in the pantry? Or was there a sudden aversion to this shape of pasta? I must admit to rarely using farfalle, but I do love their name. You probably all know that it means butterfly in Italian.

Farfalle - Wikipedia

Susie, if you’re reading this, I know what you’re thinking: no wine on that list. 

(* )  G.O.B. is Good Old Bruce who pens a daily post on this site:  Here it is!

Most of his writings end in the death of at least one character. But, he really is a nice fellow!


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Tooth brush dogs

This was sent to me by my friend Karen who was my neighbour before I moved to the Palatial Granny Flat. She had a loveable dog, Bobbie by name. My cat just adored him, and we both still miss the little fellow who gave Karen so much love and companionship.

She assured me that she hadn’t touched the list with her bare fingers.

karen list

It’s pretty straightforward, easy to read, with no big mystery items. There are so many vegetables on the list; I wonder if they were able to find them all at the shop? And, I also wonder if borscht is on the menu for dinner tonight? But, I would have bought sour cream, if this was my list. That just finish the soup to perfection. Or, maybe they use natural yogurt for that purpose.

It seems that some pet dog is going to have his teeth brushed; what a nice owner it has. I just noticed the word ‘soft’ adjacent to that entry, probably to remind the shopper not to get a hard brush for Rover’s fangs. I don’t think they were going to look for soft beetroots.

I do covet the way the shopper makes the question marks. I hope there was coffee available today.



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Two for the price of one

Sue sent this to me some time ago, and it has been languishing in the Drafts folder, after being discarded in a shopping trolley. If it is a shopping list with a philosophical bent, it’ll be thinking “Is this all there is to life?”

Sue wrote: I didn’t notice the list in the bottom of my shopping trolley until I was back at the car unloading, and although it was snowing it dried out quickly.

Picking up the list earned me a ticking off from a couple of my offspring. “Mum! With this Corona virus around you shouldn’t be going around picking up bits of paper from shopping trolleys!” It didn’t occur to either of them that my hands had pushed the same trolley that the writer of the list had used!

Perhaps they’re right, but for your interest, a medical spokesman told us yesterday that the virus lives on objects for a few hours only!

Back to the list – I’m not going to say much about this one I’ll leave it to your other readers for now, except to say I can’t make out the first word on the list either. LOR?

Page 1 Trolley Shopping List 28-2-20

Well, dear Sherlock Holmes-like readers, let’s see how you analyse this two faced list.

Page 2 trolley list 28th Feb 2020_0001




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Must get some carrotts

First, please accept my apologies for being slack with posting. I am privileged to be part of a team that is busy writing a book on the Italian migrants who came to the Ovens Valley in Victoria. We are getting close to the final stages, so soon we will be able to reclaim our lives.

I am rather grateful that I am not responsible for buying the correct items for the author of this list, that was found and generously donated by JulieThere are a couple of items I just can’t decipher maybe I needed new glasses? Let’s see if you would be a better shopper than I am! 



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Weather beaten list

Thanks to Bert, from Peterborough, England, for another orphaned list he rescued, to give it a new home on my blog. Thank you, Bert (aka Peter).

This one poses a few difficulties in the deciphering department. I’ll leave most of it to you super-sleuths, but I claim Mozzaral as mine. I’m willing to share the Satsumers though. That reminds me of a sign I saw in a fruit and vegetable shop in Dismal Swamp. They were offering Pommy Granits. I never see those for sale without a flash back to that sign.

thumbnail_shoppin list 2 001

So, what do you think of this list? I’m off to put some mozzaral on my pizza.


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