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On the A List

Hooray, my loyal followers are keeping me supplied with interesting lists. Thank you very much, Bruce from the Shaky Island.

I am making no editorial comments, Bruce is waiting to see what my observant followers will have to say. So, the pressure is on you.


I will record what I can make out from his list, I hope someone is able to tell us what the mystery items are. I like the handwriting/printing, and the dashing tittle (there’s something for you to look up) over the letter i.

Potting mix, wine (just for you Susie), butter, dinner, chilli 1, tomatos (sic) 8, capsicum 6, leg stocking, twine, beef steak, something, ox heart, monte carlo, something, Lotto (did he win?), T. cloth, smokes.

Bruce could spin a mighty yarn for us on his blog  Weave a web   just using the items on this list.

If any of you find a list, please let me know in the comments section, and I’ll give you my email address. This is your opportunity for fame and fortune!





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In which M’Lord supplies a shopping list

I have been languishing in the doldrums of blogdom, waiting for some divine inspiration perhaps. That arrived in the guise of an email from a crusty old curmudgeon whom I have taken to calling M’Lord, which he seems to like. I follow his blog,  here because there’s often something in it with which I or one of his other followers can take umbrage, and heaven knows we can all do with a little umbrage in our lives.

As far as I can ascertain, M’Lord lives in a Sydney suburb going by the name of Annandale, no doubt because that is its name. Here is a Google map that shows you (vaguely) where you’d find it if you were wandering around in Sydney one fine day. Annandale

M’Lord shares his life with a pretty little dog (Coco) and a long suffering wife whom he has lovingly labelled The War Office (hereafter referred to as TWO).

It was TWO who was off to fill the larder, and M’Lord was assigned to write the shopping list. I am always suspicious of people who write tidy shopping lists, and I present exhibit 1 (the only exhibit, in fact) to support my case. 

_Coles Shopping List

Aside from gaining an insight into the culinary habits and brand name loyalties of the family unit, the only other satisfaction I could gain from it was that there was a spelling error. Now, let’s wait and see what M’Lord has to say in response to that observation. It shouldn’t be long coming, if past experience is anything to go by. Oh, and thank you M’Lord, for contributing to my blog.

PS Remember “Mission Possible” from the previous shopping list? It turns out that this is the name of an appliance repair shop in the town where my Canadian Correspondent lives.


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Short, but not necessarily sweet

And, it has a little mystery, as a bonus.

This shopping list was sent to me by my Canadian correspondent. (Thank you, YT).


Well, I can see that the shopper will have vegetarian burgers with corn. (I hope that was on the cob.)

But, what in the world is mission possible

And, judging by the blob of ink on the first letter of corn, maybe he/she should invest in a new pen.

Here’s another bonus, a view of the beginning of the PGF (Palatial Granny Flat).




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A shopping list

For about a year, I had followed a blog that was based upon that simple, day-to-day object, the humble shopping list. You can have a little squiz (that means look, for those who aren’t into Aussie slang) at the posts here: Lists

The author happily accepted “donations” of lists from his reader, which led to me stalking shoppers in the local supermarkets, and politely asking for their lists when they were unloading their purchases at the check-out. This in turn, led to some interesting conversations. About 3 months ago, the posts suddenly stopped, much to my disappointment. So now I had a small collection of lists, but I was no longer  able to contact the fellow who wrote the blog.

Then, I had one of my tiny light globe moments, and realised I might as well make use of them on my blog.

light bulb

Absolutely hypothetical image. I have short hair and wear glasses. And, I might be a few years older than this lass.

So, gentle readers, here is my first offering in the shopping list series. I found it in a shopping basket, in the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford.


As I interpret the list, she/he was on the prowl for:

Potatoes, sweet potato, carrots, onions, cauliflower, zucchini, chives, bacon, silverside, cheese, gravy, white sauce, milk, brown sugar, peas, beans, containers, carpet sprinkle and fruit.

At first, I was impressed by the organisational skills  of this shopper, who clearly knows the layout of the shop. Fruit and vegetables are in front of you as you as you enter the shop, then meat, etc. But, there were some afterthoughts, with peas and beans and fruit added near the end of the list. However, I’ll never know if perhaps this person has a strange fondness for canned peas, beans and fruit, in which case I’ll have to retract my judgmental stance.

And, I’d guess that silverside with white sauce, mashed potatoes and lots of vegetables was on the menu for that household.


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