From the melting pot of North America!

The denizens of north-west North America now have some appreciation of what we in Australia go through in our summers. Record highs were recently reached, with Lytton, a village in British Columbia taking the prize with 46.6 degrees Celsius on Sunday. That’s 116 degrees Fahrenheit, for those of you who need to know the conversion.

Apparently, having air-conditioners that cool as well as heat are the exception in domestic settings in Canada, so this must have been a big shock for most people, when they might expect an average temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius at this time of year.

So, one of the things people do at such times is head to some place that has air-conditioning that cools, such as a Costco. That is where my anonymous contributor found this shopping list, while they were “wandering around in air conditioned bliss”.

Who knew you could buy “Sleep”? There’s no excuse for insomnia in some parts of the world, it seems.

Can some of you North Americans educate the rest of us about some of the other items, the ones at the bottom of the list, for example?

PS Today, our mercury climbed to 11 degrees, Celsius, with a dribbling sky to complete the grey picture. I’ll take that over 46.6 any day.



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31 responses to “From the melting pot of North America!

  1. Sleep peroxide- possibility it’s an overnight teeth bleach. Swifter pads – sanitory pads or simply a set of notepads.No idea on the other stuff, a rubber plant?

    It’s very lovely English weather here in my little patch of Yorkshire, started off at a comfortable 11°C and has climbed to 19°C with a light breeze at just after 3:45 in the afternoon. Perfect and just how I like my summer afternoons.
    Good to see you, 🙂


  2. Very neat to link the list with the heat wave


  3. I find the list funny in that they wish to purchase sleep (or a sleep aid, likely) but also coffee. Make up your mind! 🙂

    The last three seem to be things one would find in the pharmaceutical area of Costco. Of course, I could just be projecting how I like to make my lists by area of the store.

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  4. Indeed! Never thought sleep could be bought except in science fiction. Pills could be another matter though, and since I am nowhere close to being a North American, I’ll leave the explanations to them. Heat (and dust) is not new to us out here

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  5. We’ve been watching the news about the heat wave with interest too. We were in BC this time three years ago and it was definitely not hot. But when we crossed the country to Toronto it was a different matter – 35C every day and really high humidity. I’m pleased your other readers helped out with those cryptic items on this list because I had no idea.

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  6. I’m happy that when we were in Lytton a few years ago the temps were “normal”. I’d even packed two lightweight jumpers for a Canadian summer. Whoever wrote that list was going to pieces by the end of it.

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  7. It’s much cooler today, but for the last few days we had all our fans on and turned on the air conditioning for a few hours each evening. Leeme was laughing at us because our temperature here was the same as in Puerto Vallarta, but our humidity was 27% and theirs was 87% so she says we know nothing about real heat.

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  8. Garcina Cambogia is a natural weight loss supplement. A tree is a plant and I used to climb those all the time. Now I let my grandson do the tree climbing.

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  9. I never knew peroxide could aid with sleep—and I have no idea what those last items are as I don’t understand “climb plant”
    perhaps by the end of the list they had become delusional with the heat.
    I live in the deep south of the US—we are use to heat and humidity but not like they are experiencing to our west and north west–it is truly awful

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  10. Bert

    Gravol™ Get fast, effective relief. Prevents and treats nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Gaviña is a brand of coffee, but there is already coffee on the list. Alternatively: Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA is a weight loss supplement. I think that fits better than the coffee. You’re welcome!

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  11. Caroline

    Hi, Yvonne, great to know a good shopping list can still inspire you! Hope you are well.

    Goodness, this list raises lots of questions for this old Brit and new Italian.
    Do the first 2 lines refer to 1, 2 or 3 items – and what can they mean? Swifter pads I imagine might be what are sold here as Swiffer. Coffee, honey, climb plant I can understand. But no idea about the rest!

    From a 31C Venice, which is probably the hottest I’ve experienced anywhere and to me makes it hard to do anything: I made it to the beach yesterday, where it’s always breezier, but the journey there and back is no fun. But apparently it’s 45 in Bari, so we are thankful not to be there!


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    • Caroline

      P.S. I was assuming that ‘climb plant’ meant climbing plant.

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    • Phew, 45 in Bari, that’s just ugly. I found the heat in Venice in May very unpleasant; I would not enjoy one of your summers at all.

      How are you folks and the lovely Mistress of the house? (And, I don’t mean you. 🙂 )



  12. I agree – I am not too fond of those hot days especially when they last for day after day.

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