Dear Barb

Yesterday I went for a tram ride, and this was the scene out of the window.


And, here is the scene out the tram window this morning. Guess which day I preferred.


Barb, when you see this sign, you’ll know you’re almost at home for the next week.


I thought we might run up and down these steps, which are conveniently right near the apartment, to work up an appetite for breakfast. Isn’t that the best idea I’ve ever had?


Gone With the Wind

Then, I’ll take you to this shop for a cup of good coffee, and a pastry.


These young fellows just made my day, by showing me which settings to toggle to use the internet on my phone. They happen to be staying in the very building we’ll be in, Barb. They are from Mexico, and leave in 2 days for Berlin. I hope they have a wonderful time.


Thank you, Santiago and Magdiel, you are angels in disguise.

Oh, I found a rather nice Enoteca nearby, for our lunch or dinner. I have a hunch there are many more within striking distance.

Well, that’s it for today, Barb. Remember to pack shoes for running up and down those stairs.Β 


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43 responses to “Dear Barb

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  2. Barb is in for a treat! I hope we get to see the fun too. Don’t worry about eating pastries – didn’t you know there are no calories on holidays??

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    • Oh, she doesn’t know what she’s in for. We’ve always visited together in Venice, where I don’t get lost. Here in Rome, let’s say it’s quite a different story!


  3. Oh, I do so wish I were coming too.

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  4. Wonderful, I see you’ve seen the street art on the stairs – excellent!

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  5. The first picture is better – a built in abstract filter. At night it would be better still. I’m not allowed to do steps at the moment so I am restricted to exercising my cake-eating muscles πŸ’ͺ 🍰

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  6. have they really got a tram there now?
    Or is this a bit of mischief on your part?
    I recall the same scene in the sunny day photo, but we were in an omnibus, not sure if it was one of those topless ones or not, got a picture somewhere 😦

    Did you have your coffee inside the shop? Standing up? Sitting down? or Outside?
    Something I found rather odd especially when I discovered they have different charges for each..
    The Merchant of Venice had nothing on the merchants of Roma


    • Yes, they have several tram lines in operation, M’Lord. Since when would I ever lead you up/down the garden path? (Now, that’s an interesting saying, I have to find out what it means.)

      I generally stand for my coffee, it’s a macchiato, so it’s small and only takes a few gulps. It’s typical all over Italy to be charged less if you stand at the banca, just one of their policies. πŸ™‚

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  7. You know how to live, Yvonne. I’d run up those steps for that pastry!

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  8. I want to be Barb! I’d run up those steps for a pastry….it just might take me all morning to do so! So excited you’re in Rome. And today of all days, when AS Roma defeated the odds and beat Barcelona!! I’m sure you must have heard the city celebrate! Now, I think I need to go back to dreaming of brioche….xx

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  9. Wish I was Barb. I love Rome.

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    • It’s quite amazing in these ancient cities, you keep turning a corner and seeing something you’ve read about since childhood.

      Oh, I’ve made the zucca con farro a few times, and just love it. Thank you for the recipe!

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  10. Forget the steps, eat the pastry.


  11. Chris Hey

    Been up and down those stairs many times! Stayed in a B&B right at the top of them called Il Boom in Via Dandolo. Sometimes we took the bus, sometimes the stairs! More often the bus …

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  12. I go up and down those steps several times every morning. I didn’t even notice they were steps until you pointed it out. And since I’m in an obstreperous mood: I like the first picture. It’s of St Peter’s I think.

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  13. Susie L

    The kindness of strangers is a wonderful thing. Did you tell them they were about to become famous? I bet they can run up and down those steps with no problem. I’m looking forward to reports from your new neighborhood. I love Trastevere, but I’ve never stayed there.

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    • They were quite happy to be on my blog, such nice young men!

      Hey, I can run up and down those stairs (in my dreams). I sure wish the apartment had been available for my whole stay, the area is so much more to my liking. Just 2 more days. Then Barb arrives on the 19th, with her running shoes ready to go!


  14. Dear Barb, nothing. What about the rest of us? What’ll I get for breakfast? And where? And are they the Spanish steps or am I s’pose to know.
    But I do hope you have a continuing lovely time.

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  15. BarbB

    Looking out my window right now I see snow flakes mixed with rain! It’s making everyone of your photos look absolutely wonderful, even all those steps. Before I arrive I will have to do some math. How many steps will I have to walk up to burn off the calories of one delicious pastry? Can’t wait to get to Via Glorioso. It’s going to be a terrific week! Keep the photos coming!

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    • What I’ll do is this, Barb. I’ll stand at the bottom of the stairs with my stopwatch and you’ll trot up and down with my pedometer. That’ll give a reading of the calories you’ve burned, so you know if you can have 1, 2 or just a bite of a brioche. isn’t that encouraging?

      More snow! Ugh.

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