What’s a bloke to do?

One of the mud flaps has broken off my ute. (*) What can I do? 

Me old ute

I know! There’s that old pair of thongs. (**) I can do something with them.

She's right, mate

(*)   in some countries you call them “pick ups”

(**) and, in some countries you call them “flip-flops”



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10 responses to “What’s a bloke to do?

  1. Love the ingenuity. And they’ll always be thongs in my book. Kiwis call them jandals (Japanese sandals).


  2. Oh, Bert, that is a true groaner! 🙂

    Now, I’m obsessing, because I hope he notices that the outer Philippe Feloppe is coming loose.


  3. Bert

    I used to think that a “Ute” was an Australian make of car. Did you know that ‘thongs’ were invented by a French guy – Philippe Feloppe? 🙂

    Strange how that doesn’t work if you give the guy an English name – the stress is wrong.


  4. Michelle

    And anyone who knows Hawaiians or Samoans know that those are the only possible footwear and they are called “slippahs”!
    Here you will see the Pacific Islanders in the dead of winter…snow on the ground…in a parka (read big, down filled jacket) knee length baggy shorts and “slippahs”.


  5. LOL … I don’t think that bloke had OCD, Randy! 🙂


  6. Shouldn’t he have two “lefts” on that side and two “rights” on the other?


  7. It depends where you live, Darlene! 🙂


  8. djones47

    Don’t use the word thongs with a group of junior high students – they’ll think you mean panties. I learned that the hard way.


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