I guess I am in Rome

At first, all I could see were buildings.


And a stemma or two.


Hi Jane.

And, lots of running sweaty people.


Who didn’t look all that happy.


Then more buildings, with lovely decorative touches.


“In vitium ducit”     Latin scholars, do your stuff.


And, the tail end of those sweaty running, now shuffling, people.


Aha! Then, I saw some old stuff.


And more, that looked rather familiar.



Today marked the running of the Roma marathon. There were several thousand sweaty participants (it was warm), and a cheer squad of at least one hundred for each runner. It was crowded in Rome, and the public transport was a tad dislocated. I have never walked so much since I was a youngster (10 years ago).

Tomorrow, the heavy rain is forecast. My feet said “Thank goodness.”



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52 responses to “I guess I am in Rome

  1. My running days are well in the past. But I am sure I looked as miserable as these folk.

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  2. Terrific pictures Yvonne! Although I can’t imagine running on those streets in Rome, I can barely walk steadily on the cobblestones as it is! I can’t wait to see what you discover when you move to Trastevere! So excited to get the latest Yvonne must do’s. I would take Roma in any kind of weather, but it will be wonderful when the sun comes back out….pictures galore. xx

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  3. I’ll bet those runners would rather have the rain – I always did 🙂

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  4. Well when in Rome…….. I was young 10 years ago too. I was about 16. At least in my mind. I jumped from 16 to 60 without noticing.

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  5. Let us know if you will be going around Rome on a Vespa, will you?

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  6. Oh, I am looking forward to seeing more of Rome with you. We have yet to go there so I’ll enjoy my vicarious sightseeing. Just the thought of running a marathon leaves me feeling weak and sweaty. I hope your feet recover quickly from all the walking you’ve had to endure.

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  7. oddly and believe it or not, my most favorite world city…

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  8. Jane

    I think you are my only chance of seeing Italy this year….it was lovely seeing Naples….Rome, no matter what part, will be a treat too!

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  9. In vitium ducit = The Invidious Duck. It’s a Chinese Takeaway. (Glad to have been of help).

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  10. Chris Hey

    Trastevere – my favourite rione of Rome. Whereabouts are you there, Yvonne? It’s where I lived way back in my youth! (Like you, about 10 years ago!)

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    • Funny how our youths are so close in time, Chris! What were you doing living there????

      I move on Friday (and Barb joins me a week later, yay!). It’s on Viale Glorioso. It wasn’t available for the first week, unfortunately.

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      • Chris Hey

        Love that area! A tip – there’s a great supermarket in the basement of the OVS store on Viale Trastevere, a few minutes walk from Viale Glorioso. I was there early 70s as a companion to an Italian lady who wanted to learn English. Needless to say, she spoke better English at the end of my year than I spoke Italian!! I was in Via Luciano Manara, at the top, a short walk (uphill) to the Gianicolo hill. It’s a great area also for public transport, trams as well as buses.

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        • Chris Hey

          Oh, and a fantastic bakery on the corner of Via Francesco a Ripa called Giselda. Lovely little coffee bar too and fabulous cakes …


        • Oh, that’s good to know about the supermarket, Chris.

          What an interesting life you led, 10 years ago!

          Did you ever meet Cinzia? I’ll be seeing her and her sister while I’m here.

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      • Chris Hey

        You and Barb might like a winebar that we found in January – Enoteco Trastevere on Via della Lungaretta. The staff are fabulous, especially Alessando, who is deliciously camp!

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      • Chris Hey

        This was in January this year, so only a couple of months ago! I do hope he is still there – he’s the life and soul!

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  11. Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Now put those weary feet up and pour another glass of wine.

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  12. A bit of Googling suggested that this is an extract from a poem by Horace. The relevant full phrase is
    “in vitium ducet culpae fuga, si caret arte”
    (“flight from crime leads to vice, if skill is lacking”).

    Horace is apparently talking about errors in grammar, so the import of this is that “culpae fuga” means running away from grammatical errors, which can result in “vitium” (‘imperfection’, ‘vice’), in other words yet more errors in the hands of a writer lacking skill (“arte”).

    I wonder if the rest of the phrase is round the corner of the building as In Vitium Ducit (“It leads to wrongdoing”) is not an inspiring motto to proclaim on your house or other building! (This isn’t the Ministry of Justice or a tax office, is it?!)

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  13. Welcome to Rome Yvonne! Esquilino area is not that suburban, a bit ethnic maybe. There is the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore there. Have fun! 🙋 Stefy

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    • I should have expanded on that comment, Stefy. My first impressions were of so many apartments, and not many bars, ristorante, shops and so on. I felt like I could have been in one of many cities in the world. It might be the specific location where I am staying. Let’s see what I say after a few more days.


  14. Brian

    Where are you staying?

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  15. maristravels

    Wish I could be there now. Looking out at rain – again – and thinking of the week’s forecast of more rain, I have decided I’d rather be in Rome with rain than here. At least I could feast on my favourite foods!

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