My Dog Sighs

It was a post on this blog that first alerted me to a startling example of street art in Trastevere. Roman Despatches


I did some searching online, and found out a lot about the artist and this particular work. My Dog Sighs

(You’ll miss a lot of interesting background if you don’t go to that site! And, even worse, I’ll haunt you.)

It was with a high degree of satisfaction that I spotted the work yesterday, just after I found that tiny set of stairs for Barb to climb.



I found the detail in the close-up views of the eyes quite startling. I read how he had done this, but I’m still impressed!

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31 responses to “My Dog Sighs

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  2. Thanks very much, Yvonne. You do realise you’ve made me appreciate that I need to go back to see it again so I can study the eyes in more depth! Peter.

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  3. And to think that each eye has an individual story behind it.

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  4. What an extraordinary project and artist. Much enjoyed travelling through the links.

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  5. What? What coffin? Is there something I should know? 😆


  6. What an amazing concept and execution. It’s OK, you can stay in your coffin

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  7. Wow, that’s impressive. And though I should be getting dressed – it’s past midday, and I’m still in my dressing-gown – I’m going to the linked site to read more.

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  8. It’s not my thing but I must admit that this is brilliant, all that talk in the link I must admit soon lost my interest, it goes on too long, pity that, haven’t they heard that less is more. Or is it the other way around? No matter, and why must people open their mouths wide and pull stupid faces trying to appear funny? They just look stupid and dull!
    Here endethh the lesson for today 👼👼👼

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  9. Thank you so much for this opportunity to find out about this man and this project – I LOVE his eyes and, as always happens, finding out more simply means I love it even more! Isn’t it inspired to do those silhouettes in them and the story of how it started almost made me weep – what a guy!! The old woman’s response about flowers and kittens was hilarious 😀

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  10. Well you know this retired art teacher is definitely intrigued as well as impressed!

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  11. I’m sure Barb won’t mind climbing those tiny stairs to see this!

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  12. Jane

    Well now I don’t have to keep an eye on you. Loved the explanation!

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  13. Awesome ! Have you got that feeling that you are being watched while walking down that road ? 👀👀👁️💖

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    • There’s a news-stand right opposite the wall, and the owner says “I always know there’s an eye on my stand.” But, you knew that, because you read the article that I threatened you about, right? oxo ❤

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