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Back to one of my favourite topics – graffiti

Trastevere has more than its share of graffiti and street art, so I’ve once again hauled a few examples out of my photo file to share with you.

Will you please help to defend Pinocchio?


Cross my heart, I shan’t eat ladybugs.


A fallen hero, victim of Kryptonite, perhaps?


I’m waiting for your comments and explanations of this one. Then, I’ll steal the best ideas as my own, of course.




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A contrast in entries

These were spotted within 5 minutes of each other, in Trastevere.

It’s always a little mystery to me when I come across a blocked in doorway, with the street number still visible. And then, the Latin translates to “Guilty”. Curiouser and curiouser.


Wouldn’t you love to climb these steps to enter your little home after work each day?





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More street art and a question for Peter

A street lady and her dog, gradually fading and eroding, probably in reality also. 


This is near the fresh fruit and vegetable market. It took me a moment to realise the “olives” are , in fact, bicycles.



Clients entering a hotel, in Ostiense. Maybe they are severely jet-lagged?


On a 500 meter stretch of the wall that runs along the Tiber River, there is an enormous mural. The walls must be at least 7 to 8 meters high, and the figures just about reach from top to bottom in places. The images were created using stencils, and high pressure hoses blasted off the muck from the walls, to leave the figures you can now see. It is best viewed from the opposite side of the river, this I can tell you from personal experience!

Image result for Triumphs and Laments

Sourced online

This link will take you to an explanation of the project. Mural on wall


Peter, you probably can tell me all about this fellow, found off the Via del Corso.



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Another trundle in Trastevere

When I first glanced at this, inside a dimly lit church, I could have sworn it was carpet. It isn’t, it’s some beautiful inlaid work. I was surprised it is not protected in some way, so many feet would have shuffled across this.


And, still looking down:


This time you have to look up, to see this lovely relief.


And, this one.


Park where you wish, outside a local bar, where they know how to make darn good caffè.


Although there is a department store on this block (with a supermarket in the basement), there are plenty of goods for sale on the street stalls.


I just liked this street corner, and the bright yellow car.


Good philosophy, youngster.


Inside Santa Maria in Trastevere.


One is for you, Marco.

Who is Ernest Olkowski? Why was he right?


So, I did all the hard work for you, and this is what I discovered:

When you go to the website Ernest Olkowski  you only see a number that is counting down. If you inspect the code behind the webpage you will see that it is “the number of seconds remaining to March 8th 2024 12:33:21”, which happens to fall inside the duration of the next total solar eclipse visible in the entire North America. Evidently, when that specific moment passes, the number will disappear and there will only be one word: “EXPIRED”.

Please make a note to yourself to check this site on that date, and time.




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A trundle through Trastevere, part the first

Trastevere is such an interesting part of Rome in which to wander. Little side streets tempt you to see what might be down them, and the pavement is alive with people and vehicles. 

While admiring the colours and design of this apartment building, I noticed a little della Robbia lookalike on the corner.


Isn’t it beautiful?


A reminder of the recent past, embedded in the pavement, outside another apartment building.


And, a reminder of the street artist My Dog Sighs.



The fellow leaning on the broom remarked that usually, there is one man working and 3 watching. Maybe the other two were having a coffee break?


If we did work like this, we wouldn’t have to go to the gym! When next you walk on pavement like this, please give a thought to the hard work that goes into the maintenance.


It was a lovely afternoon for a wedding.


This fellow is master of all he surveys.


PS Ciao, Sig. Ramazzotti! 


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My Dog Sighs

It was a post on this blog that first alerted me to a startling example of street art in Trastevere. Roman Despatches


I did some searching online, and found out a lot about the artist and this particular work. My Dog Sighs

(You’ll miss a lot of interesting background if you don’t go to that site! And, even worse, I’ll haunt you.)

It was with a high degree of satisfaction that I spotted the work yesterday, just after I found that tiny set of stairs for Barb to climb.



I found the detail in the close-up views of the eyes quite startling. I read how he had done this, but I’m still impressed!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Dear Barb

Yesterday I went for a tram ride, and this was the scene out of the window.


And, here is the scene out the tram window this morning. Guess which day I preferred.


Barb, when you see this sign, you’ll know you’re almost at home for the next week.


I thought we might run up and down these steps, which are conveniently right near the apartment, to work up an appetite for breakfast. Isn’t that the best idea I’ve ever had?


Gone With the Wind

Then, I’ll take you to this shop for a cup of good coffee, and a pastry.


These young fellows just made my day, by showing me which settings to toggle to use the internet on my phone. They happen to be staying in the very building we’ll be in, Barb. They are from Mexico, and leave in 2 days for Berlin. I hope they have a wonderful time.


Thank you, Santiago and Magdiel, you are angels in disguise.

Oh, I found a rather nice Enoteca nearby, for our lunch or dinner. I have a hunch there are many more within striking distance.

Well, that’s it for today, Barb. Remember to pack shoes for running up and down those stairs. 


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