Revisited: How do you toilet train a gecko?

WordPress provides interesting statistics: daily views, where they came from, (who do I know in Bhutan), what search terms were used, popular posts, and so on.

This is one of the past posts that seems to have a fan base, so I thought I’d repeat it here, for those who joined my blog after it was published on 31 January, 2011.

Every night, they waken me with their weird sounds.

Every morning I find evidence of their nocturnal presence on my carpet, paintings and furniture.

Exhibit A:  gecko, um, poop, on my lounge suite:

It’s always this 2 tone style, kinda cute!

So, I got to thinking. Maybe I can build them a nice little litter box to use, sort of like you train cats.

Then, I wondered about rewards for when they do the right thing.

I consulted with Alida (you remember her, “I’m almost a lawyer”. Works for Blood Out of a Stone and Associates).

She suggested shiny ear-rings and cell phones:  “Geckos like them” said Alida Attenborough.

So, here’s the litter box.

Patent pending: gecko litter box

Now, I’m off to buy some glittering ear rings and a cell phone. Hope this works.


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22 responses to “Revisited: How do you toilet train a gecko?

  1. Just seen this post! I love geckos – the ones in our house in Greece are tiny so the poop is not an issue😊


  2. Elizabeth

    One time two geckos staged a martial arts match on my screen porch on my birthday. It was very entertaining. 🙂

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  3. lemniscate47

    .. n you’d have certainly set up a bigger tray


  4. lemniscate47

    Sorry, have just joined.. what sort of geckos are they that are wandering about?? Do you know ?? Do you have any photos of them themselves?? That’s a very healthy gecko poo, by the way..


    • I’ll try to get some photos of them for you, lemniscate. They’re quite small, maybe 6-8 cm, and a very neutral colour. The poo was a closeup, so the size could have been deceiving!


  5. When I moved to Mackay (from Adelaide), I couldn’t figure out what all that mess was. I thought it was sparrows getting into the house!


  6. Al

    I have a load of the delightful little critters around my place and the balcony is constantly dotted with droppings. At least it doesn’t smell! But as you say…they are SOOO fast when they are after their prey.


  7. Geckos are in a class of their own, much nicer that cockroaches. Hmm, a new line in disposable nappies, a money maker?


  8. LOL…..Melissa that was a good one!

    Geckos are cuter than cockroaches….right??

    Diapers/nappies may work…….if liter training proves too difficult!


  9. Well, as long as they keep the insect life under control, and use their litter box, they are safe, Melissa!

    I was watching one last night, stalking his prey. Are they ever fast.


  10. Melissa

    Oooops, *Their* not *There*


  11. The glittering earrings had faux diamonds, and I read that chocolate is like poison to geckos. Research is everything!


    • Melissa

      “Chocolate is like poison to geckos”…………sounds like you may have the answer to no more gecko poop! A couple of Mars Bars should do the trick!!

      They are soooo cute though, with there little white-tipped poop.


  12. You forgot diamonds and chocolate!


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