I wondered

I wondered what my first post from Venice would be about. A short walk last night proved inspirational for me!

Remember this fellow?

Yes, it's our old friend, Francesco Querini. I thought he was Francesco Overini, until some knowledgeable folks put me right!

Yes, it’s our old friend, Francesco Querini. I thought he was Francesco Overini, until some knowledgeable folks put me right!

(You can read about him here, if you missed his story before: https://ytaba36.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/francesco-overini/

Last evening, I was walking past the Giardini, and saw this memorial not very far from the previous one.


And, I noticed the name of Francesco Querini. Could this be the same fellow?

I went back this morning, with my camera and notebook.

Here’s what you can see of the inscription.

In Italian it says: Acconto al marmo di Francesco Quirini, qui vuolsi l'ala del Venezia. No. Pier Luigi Penzo sorvvolota su l'Artide caduta nel Rodana. Nato a venzia il 5 maggio 1896, morto a Valence il 29 settembre 1928

In Italian it says: Acconto al marmo di Francesco Quirini, qui vuolsi l’ala del Venezia. No. Pier Luigi Penzo sorvolota su l’Artide caduta nel Rodana.
Nato a venzia il 5 maggio 1896, morto a Valence il 29 settembre 1928

So, if he was born in 1896, he couldn’t have been the same Francesco Quirini about whom I previously posted, who died in 1900. And, a quick look online hasn’t brought to light any information about this new Francesco Quirini. And, because I’m on holiday, I’m leaving it to the intrepid, devoted investigators in the group to see what they can find, if anything, about the mystery man.

Or, have I got it all wrong, and is the memorial dedicated to Pier Luigi Penzo, who was a pilot in World War 1, and for whom the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, a  multi-use  stadium in Venice, is named?

It seems it didn’t take long for Venice to throw a mystery in our path.

I leave you with an image of the view our original Francesco gazes at every day. If someone ever wants to erect a memorial to me, could you please give me an equally splendid view?


The view for Francesco numero uno




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32 responses to “I wondered

  1. Jeff

    Buongiorno, Yvonne-enjoying your postings about my favorite city and wishing I were there to enjoy it as well. I think you are meeting up with a group of TAers in the near future, correct? If so, please give them my best regards. Ciao!


  2. Help…I posted a reply via my phone…no luck!
    Hope you are all settled in….how is your apartment…cozy??
    Snowing tonight…let’s see what the first rays of light in the morning reveal!!


  3. jil mohr

    welcome back…wish I was there…snow here on my side of the pond…you are near my friends in St Helena…there is a wonderful little restaurant there if only I could remember the name :)…hmmm guess I should just think of coming there to walk you to it…


  4. Caroline

    Aargh – where did that Morosini come from?? I meant Querini, of course!


    • Ciao, Caroline. It just occurred to me that you have a name that can be pronounced so nicely in Italian.

      I do believe someone told me about that plaque, but I haven’t made a pilgrimage to see it. There is other evidence of vandals in the Giardina. Why don’t they take their bad behaviour someplace else, far, far away?


  5. Caroline

    Glad to see their noses have survived so far! (I expect you read of the recent spate of nose-hackings in the Giardini? Wagner was one victim but I forget who else.)

    Have you also seen the plaque to Francesco Morosini in Piscina San Samuele?


  6. yeah !!! you made it, Venice is so much better with you in it !


  7. Jo

    What a joy – Yvonne is back in Venice!. Looking forward to learning more about this wonderful city through your eyes – ENJOY!! Wish I could be there too.


  8. What!? You’re in Venice? I didn’t think you liked the place. Opps, now I suppose I’m out of the will again.


  9. Ask and ye shall receive. Now I won’t be knitting my eyebrows together wondering {never a good look!!} I’m so happy you’re back in Venice. That last view does one’s heart good. Have a ball, bella.


  10. Rob C

    Yay! You’re back in Venice.

    I’m going to make some time to settle down and keep up with your posts.
    As you never fail to find the bits I always miss 🙂


  11. Bert

    It’s not ‘Acconto’, Yvonne; it’s ‘Accanto’. So it’s just saying that here is a monument to Penzo, next to the monument to Querini. Both had connections with the Arctic, so it is fitting that their memorials are side by side. That’s my interpretation.


  12. So glad to find a post from you (and email in my in box) this morning.
    Well, when I googled your friend Francesco I found many links, obviously a very common name….including one to your blog.
    I think cool and sunny is better than “hot as blazes” and sunny. Good walking weather.
    Ciao, ciao


  13. MaryK

    SO glad and happy that you’ve arrived safely (and just how is the jet-lag??).
    Looking forward to your posts, including minutiae – passing fancies – reports of particular delicacies – and your magical eye for wonderful hidden treasures!


    • Hi, Mary. I even scored una fritella yesterday, I thought they’d be finished with ‘Fat Tuesday”. The weather is lovely, cool but sunny. I bumped into “Siggy” from the Venezia blog, his wife and little son. They were on their way to San Polo to ice-skate. For one milli-second, I was tempted to join them, but common sense ruled the day!

      Jet lag seems OK so far, we’ll see what tonight and tomorrow bring! (We need to tow Australia bit closer to Europe, I think.)


  14. Barb

    Sorry…no additional information for you but just want to say how very happy I am to know you are back in La Serenissima, enjoying yourself, and keeping your friends informed about all things Venetian!


  15. Sono D. Chicago

    Oh, THAT Pier Luigi Penzo! He piloted a seaplane that assisted in the search for the airship (or do you say “blimp?”) “Italia” in 1928, which was lost over the arctic. On the way back to Italy, his plane got caught in some cables and crashed into the Rhone River, killing the crew.

    By the way, this monument is apparently up for auction on Ebay Italia:

    Free shipping.


    • Well, I never! That is, I never cease to be impressed by the minutiae folks come up with! For which, I am eternally grateful. I’ve been out buying candles, and ordered the rose petals.

      So, now for the big prize … what in heck is his connection with my Francesco?


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