Traffic lights in Venice??

Yes, even in the city without wheeled, motorised traffic, you’ll find a set of traffic lights!

Stop for that red light. This was taken while walking along the Fondamenta del Rio Nuovo, Dorsoduro


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16 responses to “Traffic lights in Venice??

  1. That does explain your other comment, Irina! Aren’t you ever going home again? 🙂


  2. Irina

    Dear Yvonne, I wrote that comment the day I got a parking ticket in Costa Smeralda 😉
    Normally, I love traffic agents.


  3. Good morning, Bert. I did wonder how effective those lights would be. I’ll keep an eye out for any others in Venice, you may be sure of that.


  4. Bert

    In Milan, traffic lights are compulsory; in Rome they are advisory; in Naples they are Christmas decorations. [old joke]
    The implication is that, the further north you go, the more law-abiding the Italians are. But I saw a water taxi go straight through a red light at your junction, Yvonne.
    I have wandered all over Venice and not noticed any other traffic lights, but, if anybody knows where there are others, let us know.


  5. irina

    Fortunately, there are no traffic agents in Venice. They’re so despotic!


  6. jil mohr

    I think there are a few of these lights there I just can’t remember where they all are…but it was weird the first time I saw them

    Ciao Yvonne….looks like you are enjoying the blogging…


  7. You were in a great place to see some of the shows. I think the gondolas have right of way, don’t they? Or, are at least supposed to.

    Do you follow e-venise? (They’re on my blog roll). They have some excellent videos to fan your homesick blues. Ciao, bella.


  8. For the first week I didn’t know what the “shouting” was all about. But when I figured it out, it was my cue to run to the edge of my terrace and watch the show. Once it involved a gondolier and some construction barges. The gondolier actually won and the construction barge moved out of the way. Yvonne, it’s good to be back online and commenting.


  9. Not quite what you expect in this city, Darlene.


  10. djones47

    What a hoot!


  11. Hi, Jude! Great to hear your “voice”. Isn’t that call the gondoliers make a wonderful sound?


  12. I’m so glad you posted this, Yvonne! The night I was running around with Bert last September, he pointed it out. But I couldn’t remember where it was and no one would believe that there was really a traffic light in Venice! It’s probably a good thing on wider canals. I almost saw an accident out my window last year where two narrow canals cross. It’s a good thing gondoliers holler out “oy-eeee” when they come to a blind turn. I guess it’s their audible traffic light.


  13. Yup, like a major highway. It’s sort of a 4 way traffic thoroughfare.


  14. Michelle

    That must be a dangerous corner!


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