When is a bee not a bee?

When it is an Ape, of course.

Another little Italian lesson: ape is pronounced ah-pay, and means bee in Italian.

They are tiny 3 wheeled vehicles, nowadays seen less frequently in cities of Italy, but still found in small towns and the country. And now, I’ve discovered someone owns 2 of them in Myrtleford. He uses them out on his farm, they’re not registered for road use.

This little fellow was at one of the local garages, having some maintenance work done. 20161206_143006

The motor is a whopping 50cc! The driving controls are smack in the middle of the interior, which doesn’t leave much room for a passenger. This model boasts a motor-bike type of control, with the throttle and gear shift on the handles. 




Oh, okay, I’ll get out if you insist.



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69 responses to “When is a bee not a bee?

  1. Its a vespa they are so cool


  2. Jane

    So when are you off to Italy again?

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  3. Cute car for when you want to monkey around! 😉 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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  4. Gorgeous. This I have not seen when in Italy (Milano, Rome, Naples and Sorrento), but similar in France. Thank You for this interesting post.

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  5. I thought and thought and then it came to me. Italian came from Latin and ipso facto the Latin for bee is apis and from hence cometh apiarist being a bee keeper.

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  6. I wonder how it feels like 🙂


  7. Maybe Santa could use one, he seems to be stuck….

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  8. I want one! Maybe we could fix up an owners’ club and have a race day at Brands Hatch?

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  9. Finally this is a kind of wheelbarrow with a motor.
    The nice lady who drives it makes the nice motor bike -car ! 🙂
    About Ape it must have a latin root. People who raise bees in hives for honey are called apiculteurs in French
    Love ❤

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    • You made me curious about the word, and I found that apiary had its otigin thus: mid 17th century: from Latin apiarium, from apis ‘bee’.

      I was so happy they let me sit in the little Ape, Michel. ❤


  10. What fun you and the ape are having! 😀
    I can see how they would be practical and helpful, too!
    Do they come in any other colors?
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  11. We saw small sedans, similar in size, parked at right angles to the curb…fitting snugly in between two other vehicles. We always thought the small car squeezed into between the others, effectively hemming in the sedans on either side.

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  12. What I wouldn’t give to see one of those on the German Autobahn 😉

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  13. Nice pun, but would ‘when it’s a vespa’ work?

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  14. You’re living the dream: seeing a cool thing and actually getting inside it! I love this thing and the color of it. I think we all need one.

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  15. What a cute little ape!


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  16. What a cool little vehicle. I’d have no trouble parking it!

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  17. I could just about handle one of those…

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  18. Stop it! You’re having way too much fun!!

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  19. Lyn

    I want one too. The child in me also had to have a photo of me taken while sitting in one.

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  20. Jane

    Always glad to see you are alive and well!

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  21. I think you should have one, Yvonne. Or, maybe I should have one….although the streets of Seattle would not do well with the poor little thing chugging up the hills.
    Anyway, you look great in it!

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  22. nco4242

    I could use one around the ranch Seasons Greeting to all stuck here working

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    • Maybe you’ll find one in your Christmas stocking, assuming you’ve been good all year.

      PS I just realised this is from you, Joanne!


      • nco4242

        no I started year by being kidapped and its been downhill all year from there
        dog dies, horse died, etc etc etc looking forward to year ending only can go onward and upward from here


  23. Rick Gafuik

    I would love to have one to replace the motorcycle I always miss.



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