Rosa’s Birthday

All around the globe, people will be wishing Rosa a Happy Birthday.

Thank you, Paul, for posting another Aussie shopping list.

I hope Santa has you on his shopping list!

The Shopping Lists - A Collection of Found Shopping Lists

This just in from Yvonne, our own very special Australian correspondent (her blog can be foundhere).
“I was standing in the queue and spotted this list clutched in the fist of the shopper ahead of me. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse (you don’t want to know), and I became the proud owner of the list.
It was at the Coles Supermarket, Myrtleford. Cheers!”

There are many points of interest here, it does indeed to appear to be Rosa’s Birthday and Rosa’s will be getting a scarf and card at least – maybe some eggs too? I am not sure if the carpet cleaner is for her.

The ‘Spray and Wipe’ is not a brand we have in the UK, a quick Google shows this: Colgate Ajax Spray n Wipe

Now, about the wire wool… The list so far is pretty typical with the usual mix…

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42 responses to “Rosa’s Birthday

  1. Hope your New Year is off to a great start!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I’m glad we’re sorted. But please tell me there is no such thing as vanilla deodorant.

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  3. Well snaffled, this is brilliant.

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  4. this is awesome – I hope she likes her scarf

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  5. Liz

    Rosa is a lucky woman. Scarf and eggs and cards…

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  6. What a fascinating website (the shopping list one). I must keep an eye out for dropped shopping lists. Best wishes for a great year ahead Yvonne.

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  7. Do you know…. I have just discovered that I haven’t been getting an email when you post something new. The sheer bastardry of it all. Here’s me thinking that when you returned from Italy last time you had just about stopped posting. I fully intend to regain the ability to be notified. Sorry about that. I shall once again become a whimpering groupie…

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    • Oh, I’m glad you’re back in the fold, BA. I’ve been very intermittent in posting, but a trip to Italy in March will see me rev up the output again. Now, stop bothering me, I have a BA novel to keep reading.

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  8. I hope Rosa had a Happy Birthday! Yay for Rosa! 🙂

    Does your Deodorant smell like bacon or vanilla?! 😉 😛

    Hope you had a happy holidays, Yvonne, and that you have a Hap Hap Happy New Year!!! 🙂

    2016-HUGS!!! :-)D

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  9. “Toilet things” is my favorite entry, because it could be anything from paper to surface paint to reading material!

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  10. Andante

    Hello, Yvonne. We’ve tried to send you some shots of Venice that we thought you may like, as we’re not long back from there – but the e-mail address we have for you came up as invalid! Duh!

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    • Thank you for thinking of me. I don’t need to ask if you had a nice time in Venice, do I?

      I’ll send you an email, so you can get the address again. I hope that works!


  11. Thank you for coming by!
    What an idea to have grocery lists as a theme. I did a Christmas list for ALL SEASONS Here’s the direct link:…s-everything-not/

    By the way, would be honored if you could join us at ALL SEASONS (photo link is open from Sunday through Wednesday each week) Hope to see you there soon – any experience in the SEASON is great:)

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    • I thought it was very clever of Paul to come up with this theme, it brings out the snoop in all of us, it seems!

      I’ll have a peek to see what ALL SEASONS entails, I’m a tad lazy at this time of year, to be honest. 🙂 Thank you for the invitation.


  12. I am sure this reads, “Scare for Rosa” or maybe I should clean my glasses 🙂 ❤

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  13. I wonder what the difference is between toilet cleaner and toilet things. I hope Rosa had a lovely birthday and enjoyed her scarf!

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  14. Haha I’ve saved the link from your previous post. Now you are famous!

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  15. Susie L

    There is never a dull moment with you, Y! Next time we meet, I’ll ply you with Campari spritzed and get the “offer” out of you! 😜

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  16. The offer she could not refuse? You paid her bill perhaps?

    Bacon & deodorant; are found in the part of the fridge in Coles Myrtleford I presume and is that perhaps vanilla deodorant, now that’s unusual 🙄

    Hopefully Rosa had a nice birthday without having to scrub the lavatory and clean out the dishwasher.

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    • I’ve seen a lot of gangster movies, and I know that if I tell you what I offered, I’d have to kill you. Then, things would get complicated, and neither you nor I would have much of a Christmas.

      Yes, Vanilla deodorant is very popular in Australia, and is kept in the fridge, near the bacon and smoked salmon, so it’s refreshingly cool to apply. Except in the winter, when we chuck it in the microwave for a couple of seconds.

      Rosa should be grateful for small mercies, and get that toilet and dishwasher sparkling clean.

      Now, aren’t you glad you asked all these questions?


  17. Happy Birthday Rosa – Hope its a good one! _ Sol

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