The cat with a corkscrew tail

With an acqua alta of 140cm forecast, my landlord was worried the water would enter the apartment I was renting. He needed to raise the furniture off the floor, to prevent damage. This meant he had to get rid of me relocate me for at least one night. So, as I told a couple of friends, I had a little vacation within my big vacation. The temporary apartment was only a few minutes away, and very near to the bar where they make the best darn spritz in Venice! 

Although the forecast high tide didn’t eventuate, and the apartment was thankfully not affected, the one night turned into 3, as this happened at the weekend, and the apartment would need a good scrub when the cleaner came to work on Monday. 

The move gave me the opportunity to meet this charming little cat, with a tightly coiled tail. He/she was most friendly, and made the rounds of the calle where he was well known, and welcomed into many of the places where his meow was recognised.

Sal S Samuele 032

Sal S Samuele 033

Sal S Samuele 034

Waiting outside the door of a B&B, where he is very well known

Waiting outside the door of a nearby B&B, where he is very well known

"Did someone say breakfast?"

“Did someone say breakfast?”


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32 responses to “The cat with a corkscrew tail

  1. Daddy must have been a Basenji dog!……………lol


  2. Bert

    Your first photo reminds me of a joke told by Ken Dodd:
    Percy Shaw invented cat’s eyes when he was driving at night and saw a cat’s eyes reflected in the beam from his headlights. It was a good job the cat wasn’t facing the other way – otherwise he would have invented the pencil sharpener!


  3. I’ve been “homesick” since January 2, 2014 at 10:00 am…when that plane left the ground at Marco Polo. It will be a very long while till my return but I trust the rest of you to feed my addiction. I did break out my “Canals of Venice” DVD from Sunrise Earth so I’ll give myself a good dose later today.

    Perhaps the corkscrew tail was an accident of birth. It makes her very distinct from the other kitties in the calle.


  4. I think it’s a girl.


  5. I agree with Bridget, Bacaro da Fiore is fantastic, btw great seafood cicheti.
    Happy 1593 B-day Venice.


  6. Bridget

    That cat is just adorable. I love the charming cats that roam around Venice. Dan and I will raise a glass to our beloved city tonight – buon compleanno Venezia!
    (Andante – make sure to go to Bacaro da Fiore – its lovely and delicious!)


  7. Andante

    We’re raising a spritz (“con Aperol”, of course – even got our local Sainsburys stocking that, nowadays) here tonight, celebrating Venice’s birthday, – and of course that lovely curly-tailed cat. Ours is to be drunk at home, however, not in Venice. Is the bar you speak of “Bacaro da Fiore”? (We used “Method Bertoise” to find it on “Venice Connected”) if so we’ll be sure to look it up next time we go … whenever that will be…


  8. I know him! I saw it twice in the corte del Duca Sforza (between an Vidal and San Samuele). I also thought he had a strange tail!! I love orange cats!


  9. Lemonade provided by the lemon of acqua alta!
    Or maybe in this case it’s orangeade! Charming curly tailed friend. And he certainly knows where he is welcome.


    • It was fun to watch him work his neighbourhood. There was a social club a couple doors down, and thank to the cat, I was allowed in and met some very cool retired folks.


  10. Susie L

    That cat is certainly a charmer Y! I like Do Spade as well.


  11. Pat

    Love the cat!!! Yes, Do Spade was great. Went a couple of times last year.


  12. Yes, very charming little cat!


  13. hungryhungryhippo404

    What a cutie!


  14. Andrew

    Cute cat. Which is your favourite spritz bar ?


    • I’m rubbish with names! It’s on the Calle de le Boteghe, opposite the Osteria Doge Morosini. (Caroline will know the name of the bar!)

      Mind you, some of your fellow country women took me to Do Spade in San Polo for ciccheti and spritz, and the atmosphere was very alive!!


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