Pistoia : cots of arms of noble families from Pistoia

Miky has provided more information about one of the stemme I found in Pistoia. Thank you for this, Miky!

I’ll be in Pistoia in March, so I hope to find that mysterious second stemma, and show it to Miky. The 2 stemme in question were first introduced to you on this post: frustration





As promised to my blogger friend Yvonne who visited Pistoia some months ago & asked me the meaning & the belonging to two cots of arms she found in Pistoia during her walks , here it is the first she met : Cancellieri family one of the most powerful family of Pistoia since 1200 .

These photos come from a book titled : “Grandi famiglie Pistoiesi - I Mercanti Banchieri -” written by Dario C. Barni – photo by Claudio & Luciano Gori – edited in 1994 by Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Chiazzano – Pistoia.

The Cancellieri family was together with the Panciatichi family one if the most powerful families in Pistoia since 1200, they were bankers with no noble origins.

On the cots of arms there is a pork as the Sinibaldo Cancellieri was called “porcone” ( big pork in English) maybe because he was a big eater!

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23 responses to “Pistoia : cots of arms of noble families from Pistoia

  1. Love that the coat of arms includes a reference to the nickname.


  2. Yvonne, you must have read my mind. I was just thinking yesterday we hadn’t heard from you for a while. You must have been busy planning your next trip. How exciting! It’s always great to have another jaunt to look forward to.

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  3. What a great coat of arms that is with such a jolly animal. And such nice info on it.

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  4. Great cots of arms. Interesting that the bankers had no nobility . It is the same today; Noble and bankers are still today an oxymoron.

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  5. Interesting info, thanks. Only, I just was confused by ‘cots of arms’ — I’d always known them as coats of arms in English, from the surcoat worn over medieval armour and emblazoned with a heraldic design.

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  6. I am looking forward to your trip to Prato. We didn’t get back last year….but I hope someday!

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  7. Thank you …Yvonne and your friend! What fun, I hope I can find a copy of her book!

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    • I was sure you’d appreciate this, Jane. I hope you can find that book, we’d see neither hide nor hair of you for ages. I hope to meet Miky in March and really pick her brain.


      • Jane Gelernter

        My comments seem to be disappearing? Anyway …i’m looking forward to your 2 weeks in Prato!

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        • For some reason, I had to approve your first comment, which I duly did, Jane! Strange are the ways of WordPress.

          I’m really looking forward to my next trip. After Prato, 4 weeks in Naples, followed by 2 weeks in Lazio. Italy is full of gifts for travellers!


        • Jane Gelernter

          I hope you will blog while you are there. I know nothing about Naples or Lazio. What fun!

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        • Oh, I sure will be falling over my feet to share what I find, Jane. Naples looks so darn intriguing, and there are many places nearby to grab the attention of a snoop.


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