Personal/unpersonal reflections

Here’s something you might find if you take the right short cut going from the Ponte Vecchio to the Duomo in Florence.

It’s fun watching people do a double take as they see these human forms with animal heads climbing walls and performing trapeze acts.







 To find out where this is, and more about the installation, visit this site:



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30 responses to “Personal/unpersonal reflections

  1. Hmmm not sure what to make of that parade…feeling if I saw it in person it might be different, either that or give me nightmares! ha! And not sure it thats because they are flying around naked or because they are 1/2 animal! 🙂

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  2. Fantastic installation!

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  3. Weird and wonderful.

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  4. A bit of fun. Everything is possible, even climbing walls.

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  5. I love human beings and the (benign) crazy things they think up.

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  6. I don’t like them at all.


  7. Jane

    I did see these last year…but had no idea there was symbology behind the various creatures heads. I walked by them each time I went down Via Apostoli to see if my favorite little church was open. I finally stopped into the nearby hotel and was told the churchman who had the keeping of it for many years had died. I am wondering if it has been opened up again?


  8. Andante

    Much nicer than Anthony Gormley’s range of “bodycast” art in England – on Crosby beach, and many other places. Those are really nice little figures trotting up the walls. Thanks, Yvonne, for another “Good ‘un”.

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    • I saw them when I was here for a couple of days, last year, and was pleasantly surprised to see them still here (but looking a touch weather worn) this year.


  9. Okay Yvonne, I have now entered your Twilight Zone. 😉 ❤


  10. Fascinating, and I missed these!


  11. I did a post on this last year. I thought it was to come down in January 2015. They must have decided to extend it.


  12. What is it about the Italians and their naked body fetish?

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