Sad little angel

He was on the tomb of a long ago bishop in the Cathedral of Pistoia.




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25 responses to “Sad little angel

  1. Maybe that paintbrush Ralph is actually a broom and its his turn to dust and clean the entire place.
    Looks like me on a monday morning…

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  2. Oh, poor little fellow. What a sad look! I wonder what was wrong with him…


  3. Jane

    Maybe he is losing his job…blowing hosannahs for the bishop from his little horn!

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  4. Caroline

    What do you think of Pistoia? The description of it in my first ever Italian guidebook (late 80s) as a very gloomy town has always stuck in my memory, along with the phrase ‘the stripiest church in Christendom’ of San Giovanni Fuoricivitas – did you go there? I’d like to go back there one day to check out both of these descriptions!


    • I was there on a warm, sunny day. There was a gigantic market sprawling through several of the piazze with lots of activity going on. I stumbled across a tour to the top of the campanile, and got to see the town from on high, also. So, my impression of the small part of Pistoia that I saw was a positive one. Do go back, after consulting some contemporary information. 🙂


  5. I wonder what the artist had in mind. Good eye for you to spot this. 🙂


    • We’ll have to look more closely at the cherubs in sculpture.

      There was a plump companion angel on the other side of the forever sleeping bishop. This one looked rather sulky, but I just couldn’t get a good photo because of the lighting on him, So, maybe Gerard’s suggestion is right, they were both in trouble.

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  6. So… life isn’t perfect for the angels either….


  7. Maybe he’s crying because he’s just been given a paintbrush and is told to paint the house or no tea 😉 ❤

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  8. Maybe he’s crying because he can’t find his wings…
    It is a sweet shot.


  9. Janet Graham

    Bless so sweet, you so rarely see angels cry,

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