Things that don’t fit neatly into a category, but I wanted to share with you

A gracious artist from China.


Patriotic Italian chairs.


A meticulous electrical installation.


A big hairy guy.


The first lawn-mower I’ve seen in Italy.





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30 responses to “Things that don’t fit neatly into a category, but I wanted to share with you

  1. Jane

    I have been pondering over the big hairy guy. Do you remember what street or building you found him on?


  2. That hairy creature made me laugh! What the heck? He could use a once over by the lawnmower!
    The chairs – love that. It would make a great wall picture!

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  3. What? A lawnmower in Italy? Next there will be leaf blowers, whipper snippers and the blight of suburbia. I love the photo of the chairs. Great shot!

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    • Oh, good grief, I hope your prediction about those other noisy hunks of machinery doesn’t come true!

      I like those chairs very much, also. It might make a good wall hanging with a bit of tweaking.


  4. I just laughed more with each picture.

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  5. Love the chairs and the wiring.

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  6. I hope you don’t meet the hairy guy in a dark Italian alley!


  7. What do they sell in the hairy guy shop Yvonne ? I think I may need something in there 😉 🙄 ❤


  8. The hairy guy wins!!! Look as those feet…Sasquatch!

    Love the electrical worm.

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  9. Jane

    That electrical installation os the cats meow!

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  10. Cord coming down the wall looks very familiar to someone living in Oaxaca, Mex. 😉

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