Sunset last evening

I like it when the water of the lagoon reflects the sky.


The Salute, silhouetted against the sunset.


Even the jet contrails got into the act.


A naval destroyer is in town for a couple of days. The public is allowed on board; I’m soon going to see how long the queue is!


The falling sun cast a gentle light on the lute player.




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54 responses to “Sunset last evening

  1. Awesome sunset photos!!!

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  2. Magical. The lute player image is worth of Titian.

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  3. One of the many things I love about Venice at this time of year! The sunsets are so gorgeous and they seem to go on forever.
    I haven’t made it up for any sunrises either….yet. Maybe next time.

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  4. Gorgeous. I especially liked the lute player

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  5. Oh, how beautiful. I was astounded by the first photo and then they just got better and better.

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  6. Liz

    That was one glorious sunset. I love the pictures!

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  7. My husband saw these… maybe we’ll be booking again soon. it’s a couple of years since our last visit.

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  8. Gorgeous photos! I hope you make it onto the ship!

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  9. The lute player looks like he might be able to use his instrument to gaff a fish or two in the canal. Great photos, Yvonne.

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  10. Stunning is what leaps to mind. Wow!

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  11. Linda Bailey Zimmerman

    Gorgeous….gorgeous photos!!!

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  12. OMG. A lute. I love their sound.

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  13. Terrific photos Yvonne. Glad to see mr lute is still there. He is excellent.

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  14. What is water? It’s too darn hot and dry here abouts. But your photographs are really quite exquisite tonight.

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  15. Hi Yvonne! Your sunset pictures are great! I like all but the one with the church is my favourite. I have just published a post with a similar red orange photo with A similar composition, but taken in Amsterdam. Hope you like it too! Cheers!

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