Not the Tardis (*)

Nadia (and her mother before her) has operated what must be one of the smallest shop in Venice for 32 years. There’s barely room inside this little cocoon for Nadia and one customer.

(*) If you’re not a Dr Who fan, the Tardis  (Time And Relative Dimension In Space)  is his time machine. It looks like a blue police call box, but when the door is opened it is revealed as a spacious futuristic space craft.   


Crammed from floor to ceiling, spilling onto the floor and out the door is a treasure trove of hats, gloves, scarves, bags, stivali …






You’ll find this little gem just off Campo San  Barnaba, Dorsoduro. My cold fingers are pleased with the gloves I bought for them.



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38 responses to “Not the Tardis (*)

  1. So if you say to Nadia “I would like a ….” is she able to find exactly what you are after in an instant? We have a kitchen wares shop here that is just like this one, with every possible kitchen implement you could think, stacked to the rafters and everything balanced precariously. I don’t dare go in, for fear of everything crashing down. I just wait in the doorway and tell the shop owner what I want. He always knows exactly where it is.

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    • At least if Nadia’s stuff comes tumbling down, it’s all soft and won’t make a heck of a clatter, alerting passersby that a customer has pulled out the lynch pin!

      Yes, she put her hands on just what I wanted.


  2. I am always amazed by the amount of space when I return to Noth America from Europe. Here it would be deemed completely impossible to run such a shop. Glad your fingers are happy. 🙂

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  3. I always end up buying gloves in Venice, I will remember Nadia’s shop, but what are stivali? (spellcheck was utterly determined I should write stimuli, so perhaps they are).

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    • Stivali are boots, and generally we think of the waterproof ones to cope with high tide, when you might have to slosh through water on the pavement to get to work, school or shopping. I’ve got a pair of these waiting in the closet, just in case. Without stivali, the stimuli would be wet and cold …

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  4. Andante

    That reminds me – on our very first visit to Venice, my very first purchase was … a pair of gloves.
    In the car on the way to the Airport, I’d realised that what I’d snatched up as a pair of gloves were in fact two right hand gloves – same colour but different styles! As it was a Christmas time visit, I really had to get some gloves asap, before my fingers seized up.
    How delightful that I then felt I’d landed in the “lovely gloves capital” and himself could buy me a very nice pair with me having a totally clear conscience – at a very good price!

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    • Now, that was a very clever ploy, and I’ll bet himself has never caught on to what you did! Well done, sistah. 🙂


      • Andante

        No, she didn’t do it on purpose! Her face when she realised she’d got two gloves for the same hand was a picture! Neither of us expected to find what seemed like a whole city of rather lovely gloves for sale – and it was me who insisted she couldn’t spend all that time with frozen fingers cowering in her pockets.


  5. Love this – It is so me too.

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  6. Yvonne-did I see you this morning around 10 by the Accademia bridge?
    If so – ciao! Dan and I are in Venice. It’s been awhile but I hope all is well!
    Clearly I need to catch up!!
    xx Bridget

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  7. Fantastic colours! Just right for drab winter days I would guess. And a Tardis indeed: Terrific Accessories Ravishingly Displayed In Shop.

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  8. So cool! Love your pics. For some reason I am reminded of my yarn stash…. 🙂

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  9. I will bet that she knows exactly where to find everything and can put her fingers on the correct size gloves simply by looking at your hands.

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  10. This is fabulous. I know she could outfit me with hat, scarf and gloves for my coat!

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  11. Yvonne, what exactly is the name of the shop please? Is it Tardis, or what am I missing? Can you help me please…would really like to stop in when I visit in the Spring again (hope she doesn’t NOT carry her hats and gloves in the spring…!)

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  12. Anne

    Oh Yvonne, my favourite shop in Venice! When I bought my first pair of gloves from her, her mother was there also, sitting on a little chair, almost covered by stock. She took one look at my hands and told Nadia my size. Since then, 2 more gloves (including the aubergine ones Susie!), and my beloved stivali. I have no idea how she fits all that stock inside, plus she has a magazzino somewhere with the stock of boots. Thanks for a lovely revisit.

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    • That shop has always intrigued me, so I was happy to let my cold fingers lead me inside. How long ago was her mother there? Another shop I love is near the vegetable barge, the one on the corner, with the colourful stuff for kids. Time to ask those ladies if they’d like to be on an Australian blog.


  13. Jane

    I am enjoying learning about all these little shops. Such fun and easier off season I am sure! I hope I can find this one next time I go.

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  14. Susie L

    I love my aubergine colored gloves I bought there many years ago!

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  15. I hope she carries avalanche insurance….

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    • It’s almost like that, Cynthia. We almost had an avalanche when it got to selecting the gloves, in fact! I wish you could see it, in the flesh, so to speak. It’s a little gem! She knows just where everything is, of course.

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