A quiet day

In what was no doubt a response to the weather, I had a decidedly quiet Sunday. But, I did find a few things to share with you.

Does anyone else like this red coat, and the red elves??
This made me chuckle, because I am not one of those lucky folks who has an internal map loaded into their neurons, and this is how I often reach my destinations. I pretend I meant to take the long way.
An artistic method of window security.
“If  I had the wings of an angel …”
Is this the least attractive bridge in Venice?
Oh, alright, if you insist! But it’s not a pretty sight.


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11 responses to “A quiet day

  1. Bert

    You can see from that photo why elves are not allowed to be blood donors – they have too much haemogoblin in their blood. [Credit, if that’s the right word, to Tim Vine.]


  2. julie

    Love that red coat Yvonne .. not sure about the elves.. I have a childhood fear of those ..lol .. yes they do remimd me the film, which I thought very creepy…



  3. Michelle

    But that red coat would look fabulous on you know who.


  4. Michelle

    Yes, that paint does make it look like it was used for the purpose it was intended to deter. Barb has it right “Ewwwwwwwwwww!”
    And I agree about those red elves/knomes…very, very reminisent of that character….at least they weren’t that shiny red patent.
    Glad you found some things of interest on your wanderings.


  5. Barb

    One of my favorite movies about Venice was “Don’t Look Now”. Those little red elves were very reminiscent of the very scary character in the movie.

    And I guess the yellow paint on the pissotta naturally would make one say “Ewwwwww!” 🙂


  6. That bridge is pretty bad!


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