Go East, young (at heart) woman

The east in this case, is the far end of the sestiere of Castello, Isola di Sant’ Elena. It took me about 40 minutes to walk from the Piazza San Marco, but I wasn’t rushing.

At one point in the walk, the paving changes from biggish blocks, to smaller ones, arranged in a fan-like pattern.  A group of the small pavers must have come adrift, and were replaced by some concrete. Some sceptic had written “provvisorio” [temporary] in it. I wonder how long ago that was?

The autumn leaves were thick on the ground under the tall trees.

There is a feeling of space and quiet, in Sant’ Elena.

The Naval Academy is located in this district. These were the last 2 runners of about 20 young cadets who had gone puffing past me.

The all important soccer stadium is found out here.

As you walk past one side of the stadium, the Church of Sant’ Elena is revealed with a double line of trees to lead you there.

Hmm, love eternal at the Cloister of Sant’ Elena?

The bright colour of this apartment building cheered a gloomy sort of day.

No, I haven’t forgotten.




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12 responses to “Go East, young (at heart) woman

  1. Virginia Nielsen

    I look forward everyday to seeing your pictures. I won’t be in Venice until October 2012 but this gets me ready and excited for my first trip.


  2. I love that photo of Sant’ Elena and the trees. The last time I was there, the church was covered with scaffolding; looks like they’ve completed the restoration. I need to go back soon!


  3. It really is so different, isn’t it? The fellow I’m renting the apartment from lives out there, and spoke most nostalgically about growing up there.


  4. Barb

    We really enjoyed the peacefulness of that area. We have a friend who was raised in the San’Elena area. He tells wonderful stories of boyhood adventures growing up there.


  5. Michelle

    Since I hope to stay in Castello next year this will be a good introduction for a walk for me.
    Or maybe I could get a place in that red building. Love it!


  6. The contrasting scenes on Sant’Elena are striking! The avenue of trees leading to the church seems timeless, yet not THAT long ago, the church and its convent were on a small, separate island like a few other isolated monasteries and monache in the Lagoon.


  7. Sant’ Elena is beautiful!!!


    • It really is, in most parts of it, Darlene. Today while having some coffee, the man who was behind the bar told me that he had lived out there for 20 years, and really liked it.


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