Palazzo Vendramin, Dorsoduro 3462

It’s about time we re-visited Egle Trincanato and Venetian Domestic Architecture.

This example is found just across the canal from the Carmini church (Santa Maria del Carmelo), and is from the 17th century.

Trincanato describes it thus: ” Building remarkable for the vertical quality, emphasised by the tall narrow windows, one above the other, connected by cornices, as though they were hanging, in the late baroque style; in contrast, the uninterrupted wall on the ground floor.”

It certainly is an example of vertical  architecture.  I wouldn’t mind having an apartment facing the church campo.






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9 responses to “Palazzo Vendramin, Dorsoduro 3462

  1. Very pleasing. I always feel comforted just looking at quiet Venetian façades.

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  2. They don’t build them like that any more, mores the pity.


  3. I’m also glad I have a copy of that little “book” for my next visit. Right now it sits on my bookshelf next to “The Bridges of Venice”….which has drawing, descriptions and walking directions to over 400 bridges. Those two should keep me busy for a while.
    Not much longer now for you!


  4. Loving the reflection in the canal Yvonne.Such pretty windows too. 🙂


    • Good afternoon, Sue! (Since you’re trying to learn Aussie; Good arvo, mate.)

      I’m so glad I found that little pamphlet, it made me look much more closely at some of the details in ordinary appearing buildings.

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