I saw a QWERTY or two

I swear, Rome must have more street art per square kilometer than any city I have yet encountered. Feel free to contradict/challenge me, I can take it.

#QWERTY kept thrusting itself at me on walks in Trastevere. As far as I can ascertain, this is not an individual enterprise, but rather the contributions of a group of artists.


There are hundreds of images to be found when you do a search for “street art by QWERTY”:   QWERTY

If anything will get me back to Rome, it could be the quest for more examples of these works.                                                     

I have 4 dreams

I have 4 dreams

I was quite chuffed when I found My Dog Sighs in such good company. (Or, vice versa, perhaps.)


Do you have lots of street art where you live? Do you like it?



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29 responses to “I saw a QWERTY or two

  1. Never been in Rome…I know, it’s shame….maybe one day…
    Thanks for showing me these interesting aspects …I’m starting to be curious about..

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  2. Street art certainly seems to be becoming more popular Yvonne. There is a lot in Antwerp and Brussels. The city authorities are now realising that it can bring in a bit of tourism too.

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  3. Great street art and photos!
    We have murals. But not enough. Ha. I should get out their with some paint and go wild! Paint the town red, eh?!?!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. A very strong one, that “Migrant 4 Life” 🍸

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  5. Lots of street art here, and also the unwelcome tagging and vulgar vandalism. The city asks artists to submit their ideas for places slated for street art. There’s a request for submissions now for traffic control boxes. Some of the previous ones are shown here.

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  6. Deep waters you’ve invited us to wade Yvonne.

    And as the retired high school art teacher it is hard for me to sit back in the shallows here.

    I remember my first visit to Rome—the very first thing that hit me was the “graffiti” sprayed on everything within sight…walls, trash bins, doors, windows…you name it.
    At first, it was a sensory overload, if Rome isn’t already that…but here we had “vandals” at work hitting everything basically nailed down, that is if you aren’t counting buses or trains.
    A truly disgruntled youth which was my first thought.

    And I must say that I appreciate freedom of expression, creativity, and freedom of speech as much as the next person–add to that that some of the street art is extremely thought-provoking and well done…but…
    That being said—I do have some real problems with the disregard of the property of others.
    I also have a problem with gang tagging and the in your face profane.
    Someone is responsible for the cleaning and damages and sadly that is most often the property owner him/herself at no fault of their own. There is a selfishness involved in the
    wayward graffiti that is not granted permission to canvas someone’s property.

    It’s one thing to offer up an otherwise empty ugly wall in a spot of town that could greatly use some visual lifting up…it’s another thing entirely to come in the cover of darkness and
    mark someone else’s property with your own handiwork—it puts me in the mind of the dog that relieves himself randomly on whatever is there in which to hike a leg

    There is a deep need for us as humans to express ourselves and to be “heard” by others but sadly we have not always opted to do so using the correct outlets.

    I use to tell my kids that art is that of the aesthetic—and the definition of that is “that which is pleasing to the eye—or even that which is of ‘the beautiful'”—

    Street hard does indeed balance a fine line.

    I’m heading back to Rome at the first of October Yvonne—nearly 10 years since my last trip—so excited!!! Graffiti and all! 🙂

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful, comprehensive response, Julie. I would expect nothing less from you!

      The mindless graffiti and tagging is indeed an affront to the eye. It’s a shame that the energy and apparent need for recognition can’t be tapped in a more positive manner.

      How long will you be in Rome? You will definitely see both sides of the artistic canvas in that city.

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  7. Some is art, some is not. But ‘Tagging” is the very lowest.

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  8. Discarded mattresses or white painted tyres around the azaleas are some of the street-art in our neck of the wood. Of course plenty of golden arches and KFC colonels are not to be missed either.

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  9. We do have street art and some of it is very cleverly done.

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  10. I have occasionally come across a Banksy in London, where there are also walls dedicated to graffiti. The line between art and graffiti is very thin

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  11. I call it graffiti and some lowlife mongrel decided that our roller door would make a good canvas, had I have caught the vandal he would never have been able to procreate.

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