The art of Blub

Who? Blub, that’s who. He/she has taken well known images and put a snorkel mask on the featured person. It’s fun to spot them around Florence.

Let’s see how many you can identify.




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13 responses to “The art of Blub

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  3. deppie

    can someone please tell me who is the man in the second picture?


  4. Bert

    I’ll start with Girl with a Pearl Earring. Is the second one Johnny Depp?
    Dali would surely have appreciated his portrait.
    There must be a version of the Mona Lisa somewhere.

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  5. I can only report… such fun. I love the concept and the way the original is still there.

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    • I like that the images are on paper, so the underlying structure isn’t damaged. They’re mainly glued onto metal, like a gas meter box door, for example.


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