Rione Sanità

Articles I had read about this district in Naples were divided in their opinions. One camp said “Don’t go there, it’s dangerous, it’s dirty, it’s the home of the Camorra”. The other side said “Things have changed in this district, the residents have used their pride to reclaim their territory.”

I wanted to see it for myself, and the morning was warm and sunny, so after a fair bit of my eccentric navigation, I found the Rione Sanità.


It was throbbing with people on a sunny morning, looking for the best of the fresh produce on offer.




There were folks gathered just for a chiacchierare (chat). At least one took it all lying down!


There was plenty of fresh washing hung out to dry in the spring sunshine. 



And, evidence of another failure at Giovanni’s School of Driving and Hair Removal.


I’ll bring you more about this particular district in Naples. I’ve fallen quite in love with it, to be honest.

Jane I keep forgetting to post a stemma, to feed your obsession. Here you go, one from Sanità.




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41 responses to “Rione Sanità

  1. We were just talking about Italy
    The other day my honey wants to take me there we were talking like a month its too far off for me
    I have to be patient,I love in love when we were in Paris God how I hope,Sheldon

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  2. What a delightful place. Where the real people are!

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  3. Jane

    Still working on the stemma….. I love it …not your normal stiff backed lion. Why is he standing in water? The wheel can imply travel….. . The comet?
    Well lots of fun….so thanks.

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  4. Now I suppose you’ll accuse me of being a G.O.M.


  5. Never get me there in a fit, 😦

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  6. It looks like fun all the way!


  7. I love these pictures! That stemma is gorgeous and intriguing…what does it all mean… 🙂 It always amazes me how the cars and people (and yes, baby carriages) all weave in and out amongst each other so seamlessly. I jump about 50 times a day on those narrow streets, thinking someone is surely going to hit me. Hasn’t happened yet, thank goodness! Hope you had a nice Easter Yvonne. xx

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    • I hope Jane comes up with an answer about the stemma.

      I have never seen so much humanity as I encountered today. Absolutely everyone must have abandoned their home to get out onto the same route I was taking! I’m learning to be fearless (but not foolhardy) while crossing those busy roads. Myrtleford is going to seem so very tame!

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  8. I’m still trying to work out how to open the car door.

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  9. Now that Market looks absolutely grand!!!
    That’s what I love about Italy–the freshness and colorfulness of both palette and eyes!!!

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  10. I love wandering through markets like those with all the fresh local food. Did you treat yourself to any?

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  11. That looks like a wonderful neighbourhood. Any pee corners in Naples?

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  12. I’m rather jealous. Two days ago I went to the $2 shop in my small town and got some paper napkins. Your foray was a lot more exciting!!

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  13. It looks like an interesting neighbourhood. We will check it out when we are there in a couple of weeks.


  14. Susie L

    Great shots Y, I love markets and laundry shots! I think you can tell a lot about a place by their markets. That poor building facade is fairly groaning under the weight of air conditioners and satellite dishes, not to mention laundry!

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    • Naples has prepared me quite well for the traffic in Rome, anyhow. It’s kind of scary to see parents with their baby between them on a motor cycle. No one wears helmets, it seems. Nor seat belts. It all seem s to work out.


  15. Jane

    I have heard from Italian friends that the Italian spoken in Naples is almost incomprehensible to others. Do you hear a difference?

    What a magnificent stemma….there must be a good story there!

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  16. Well, that was definitely worth a go

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