Another wonderful day

Here’s how the weather greeted us.

Nothin' but blue skies

Then, there was a cat …
Then, matching pissotte. What else does a person need?


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10 responses to “Another wonderful day

  1. Man, you’ll have to hit the ground running!


  2. Rob C


    Thanks for that link, it looks like the markets are where they were in 2008!

    But, we only have one day, the last one, to see them!



  3. I should be putting little Babbo Natale on the pissotte, maybe?

    Thank you for the link to the markets, they’ll be fun to visit.


  4. Blue skies and cats, doesn’t get any better! Even the moss on the pissotte looks vividly green for winter time. 🙂

    I found this link with the schedules for the Christmas markets. Not in campo Santo Stefano anymore but I’m glad they are having them. I love the Vin Brule!


  5. Michelle

    Looks like that cat was begging for a cuddle…
    And those gorgeous skies….as only Venice can be.
    Grazie, Yvonne.


  6. Beautiful pictures of the kitty. Precious.


  7. I’ve had a good day too. Read a bit of my book at the writers’ meeting and even sold a few. PS all this under blue skies.


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