Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands

On a pleasant day with no rain, it is no hardship to walk the shaded 3 km trail around the extinct crater Lake Eacham.

The clear waters of the lake can be spotted through gaps in the thick rainforest.

Vines use the trunks of trees to climb toward the sunshine.

Colourful fungi are seen on old fallen trees, and tree stumps.

Children (and adults) delight in spotting the many fish and turtles in the lake. By the way, don’t get your rods and reels out just yet, there is no fishing allowed in this lake.

These turtles are "bottom breathers". They do their respiration business through specially adapted structures in their rears. (Canova lovers, look away.) That isn't the structure you see in the photo, by the way. I didn't make that up, just do a search for "bottom breathing turtles", to learn more than you ever wanted to, about this topic. Hmm, have I left the door wide open for some of the comedians who comment here?

As you know, Australia is a huge country, full of contrasts. It must be hard to decide which area to come to, if you have a limited time.

Tropical Queensland offers so much to those of you looking for a get-away-from-it-all break. There is a wide range of beauty to see, clean air to breathe, clear lakes to swim in and vast starry skies at night. To me, the best time to come here is in our autumn, winter or spring. Summer is best avoided, it gets rather humid and uncomfortable, with the chance of torrential rain.

Here is a link to a bit more information about Lake Eacham. Maybe I’ll see you on the trail one of these days.


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21 responses to “Lake Eacham, Atherton Tablelands

  1. Oh, those poor baby swans! Those snapping turtles must be very predatory. I’ll have to look on the internet later, to find out about them, Linda.


  2. Sig. Nonloso….lol.

    Yvonne what a lovely glimpse of Australia! We live surrounded by lakes . here in New Jersey…..we have snapping turtles….visious creatures that prey on all the water fowl. In fact, every year the swan on our lake has signets….and every day another is missing. Dinner for the beasts!!


  3. Sig. Nonloso

    Your blog has so altered my way of seeing everything that when I first saw your pics of tree mushrooms I thought they were those shelf-like pissote!

    But how beautiful it all looks there–once I got over this first impression!


  4. It is a little corner of paradise, Lynda, just not in the hot, humid months!


  5. Lynda

    Now these are photos I really appreciate – I can almost smell the clean air….what I beautiful place to live!


  6. So beautiful Yvonne. Thanks for sharing your tropical paradise with us.

    Now if Canova had sculpted a bottom breathing turtle, I wonder what it would have looked like…


  7. Hi, Joanne. Thanks for the plug for this part of Australia, it really is beautiful. And, the west coast has stunning scenery and surprises, for sure.


  8. Joanne Hoefer

    Well you have to go a fair ways to get a place much nicer than the tablelands, so many people do Sydney, the reef, the rock and return home there is so………………………..much more to see. While the reef was great I loved the area of the tablelands and along the coast from Perth to Dawin.


  9. Michelle

    Just lovely. The local tourist board should hire you to write for them. Oh, and as their photographer too! And it’s 6:15am in Seattle. Andrew is not the only early riser.


  10. Caroline

    What a beautiful place Yvonne – presumably this is quite close to where you live? Now I have another reason to envy you, being able to split your time between Venice and Queensland – seems like a perfect combination.


    • At this time of year it is really lovely, Caroline. A 50:50 split could work very well. The lake is about 20 minutes drive from my place, and there’s another, larger crater lake a bit further along the highway. If you and Phil ever crave a house swap (with a car thrown in), just give me the nod.

      Has it stopped raining?


      • Caroline

        Sounds a brilliant idea! Sadly our new simplified lifestyle will probably never run to airfares to Oz.

        Just the odd shower lately, mainly overnight, but for most of the last 10 days or so it’s been colder than when we arrived! Just when it seemed to be warming up rapidly & I was about to go into summer gear & bare legs, it’s been back into coats 😦 Having said that, we managed 2 hours on the altana this afternoon, albeit in jumpers – so really can’t complain!


      • Spring is so changeable, eh?

        I was looking at one of the webcams of the Piazza, and there seems to be some change to the barrierr around the campanile, and perhaps they’ve started to replace the paving around the tower. Here’s hoping!


  11. Andrew

    It was 7.15 am when I wrote this- I’m an early riser and usualy check my favourite sites first thing.


  12. Andrew

    I know some politicians who certainly speak through there but I’m not sure how they breathe.
    Living in the UK, you tend to think that Australia is just the same as here with the seasons switched round. Your blogs about the flora and fauna correct that misconception. Thanks for the education Yvonne.


    • Aha! I knew I could count on you to be the first starter out of the gate, Andrew. I figured there would be a few of you I could count on, you haven’t let me down!


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