San Marco: Rio Tera de le Colone and Sotoportego dei Armeni

It is often remarked that just a few steps away from the bustle of Piazza San Marco takes you into areas free of tourist hordes.

Rio Tera de le Colone, and the Sotoportego dei Armeni which runs off it, illustrate this beautifully. It was so quiet, with barely a person on the streets. Perhaps it’s different in summer?

There is an Armenian church tucked into the sotoportego, open for mass on the last Sunday of the month, apparently.

Santa Croce degli Armeni

How is your Latin?


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17 responses to “San Marco: Rio Tera de le Colone and Sotoportego dei Armeni

  1. Every language has its quirks, eh? I sometimes wonder how people from other countries ever master English.


  2. Bert

    No, Pat. Oddly enough, considering its main function is to prevent men using the corner, ‘pissotta’ is feminine, and takes an -e in the plural. On the other hand, nouns ending in -e [like fiume (m) and torre (f)] take an -i in the plural, whether masculine or feminine.


  3. Bert

    Yes, Pat. Two pissotte, or two pissottas if we have adopted the singular form into English.


  4. Pat

    Are those two pissottis down that alleyway in each corner??


  5. Michelle

    I noticed even during Carnevale some of the webcams that are more “out of the way” didn’t show many people when San Marco was packed.
    Yes, delightful to explore the lesser prowled areas. Keep those pesky tourists out of my pictures.


    • From comments I heard, the economic situation coupled with the very cold weather did take numbers down. But toward the end of Carnevale, apparently things did get more crowded.


  6. Once again, more questions than answers, Bert.


  7. Bert

    Isn’t it great, when an inscription says that something was restored over 300 years ago? So how old is it? I put what I could make out into Google Translate and it came up with this: The houses of clergy and congregations to come with age and would die out completely restored 1690. The only thing I am sure about is ‘1690’.
    I wonder if Google can handle those Armenian characters.


  8. Yvonne…you are so right!
    I’ve often said that I could stand in one spot and have enough views for 100 drawings/photos.
    You always give me some fun detective work!!
    Thanx a million!!


    • And, you can approach the same place from a different direction, or with different lighting, and there is something you never noticed before.

      Linda, the pleasure is mine, it’s good to share with people who appreciate this city.


  9. There are still 1000s of places to find, Darlene!


  10. You get into every little corner of Venice!!!


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