My favourite wine window, so far


Here it is again, with a bit of a boost in colour and contrast. (Thank you for indulging me.)




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20 responses to “My favourite wine window, so far

  1. Totally delightful. I want one (in rural England).

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  2. Caroline

    How lovely! I wonder if there’s any way of finding out when & by whom it ws painted?

    Wine windows certainly conjure up nicer images than pissotte!

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  3. Jo

    That’s a really special example! Hope spring has sprung in Florence.


  4. Definitely a work of art! Pray, tell…where is this gem?


  5. I’ll drink to that beauty.


  6. What a great photo. I agree about enlarged and framed – it’s awesome!

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  7. PS It would be lovely enlarged and framed.


  8. I can see why you like it.

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  9. Jane

    What a beauty….where did you find that?


    • In an alley I use to try to avoid the tourist hordes, Jane. If it’s this crowded now, I hate to think what real tourist season will bring. I’m glad Dismal Swamp is not a tourist hot-spot. 🙂


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