What I’m doing tomorrow

I’ve just collected my t-shirt and competitor number for the Florence half-marathon.

No, wait, I’m not going to run, but rather walk in the 5 km event. Please give me a little cheer at 10 am Florence time tomorrow.

I think I have to get the iron out, so I look tidy at the start.

Here’s where I signed in.


And, here I am on the list.


It’s even spelled correctly

And, here is my prized t-shirt and number. Can you tell I’m a little bit excited? Will I sleep tonight?


Run, Florence, run …


One of the sponsors, they sell frozen seafood products




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73 responses to “What I’m doing tomorrow

  1. Well, congratulations! If I had your physical prowess I’d start that training cycle – red wine / tiramisu / pasta – as soon as possible. You might want to start a little earlier for next year…like tomorrow!. You never know when another race might be presented to you! I hope you are now happy with your tresses!

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  2. I hope your event went well and you have now recovered Yvonne πŸ™‚


  3. Marita Romano

    Oh missus, you never cease to amaze me – you are a goer! Have ample quantities of red wine the night before to help you along the route and then stop at every bar on the way for a top up. I loved the shoe photo. People are so weird but don’t ya just love it xx


    • Hi, little missus. Maybe we can initiate an event like this in Dismal Swamp when I get back? At least we have the training part well conquered. Hugs to everyone and all the wallabies. xxx


  4. Good for you Yvonne. 5km is quite far enough even walking. You will be a fashion icon in your ironed outfit.

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  5. Caroline

    Hope you had a great time! We’ve had our Australian bunting out on the balcony this week, for the first time this year – and we didn’t know before now that it was to cheer you on!

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    • No wonder my feet had wings on them, Caroline. I kept singing “I come from the Land Down Under” as I was swept along with those serious walkers.

      Wasn’t it a lovely day?


      • Caroline

        Ooh yes, I think Men At Work would have been a great soundtrack to get a good rhythm going! Glad you had a lovely day for it. The Su e Zo lot were out in force when I was on my way to church last Sunday, with the 5.1 heaving with not only runners/walkers but also a brass band!

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  6. Andante

    Sorry we’re a bit late with cheering on – please put it down to easy jet stranding us in Venice area ’till Tuesday – would you believe we’d rather be home?
    Hope you set up a personal record ( for time/distance, bars visited en route … whatever ….) and enjoy the Victory(?) celebrations!
    We’ve raised an extra spritz ( con Aperol, sorry) to you, just in case.

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    • What in the world happened with un-Easy Jet? Do they pay for your accommodations, etc?

      Compared to the Venetian Su e Zo per I Ponti, this was very disciplined, we finished in no time, and I didn’t see one person dash into a bar for whatever, stop to chat and just create general chaos. These folks in mid-Italy are a different breed, it seems.


      • Andante

        Yes, they have to pay our accommodation and meals, etc., the pesky thing is being here when we’d rather have been home for the birthday of one half of Andante! All cards, pressies and such in one place, and us in the other. Fortunately, prosecco is available in both places. Have to have a birthday replay – without adding another year, of course.
        So glad you’ve managed your run, it’s more than either of us could ever have faced! You deserve a glass of our prosecco …. oh dear, we seem to have drunk it for you …….

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        • It’s OK. In anticipation of you drinking my share of the prosecco, I hied myself to a local bar, and had one of my own, and the Florentine version of cichetti.

          Happy Birthday, whichever half it is.


  7. Big cheers!!! Love the t-shrit.

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  8. Definitely cheering! Bravo!

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  9. joanneh

    rooting for you………………………………


  10. Whew ! I am puffed out just reading this Yvonne. Your next post will be next weekend then ? Have fun my friend πŸ˜€ ❀

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  11. I’m cheering you on! Not quite so many bridges as Venice ….but a few.


  12. Good luck – have fun Yvonne! Tiramisu training – now that might even get me into a race. Treat yourself at the end too. πŸ™‚ Off you go! Bridget

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  13. Jane

    Where does the run take you,Team Yvonne?


    • Well, I’m missing the Su e Zo this year, so I had to do something athletic, Linda. πŸ™‚

      I’ve just had my training lunch which finished with tiramisu. I like this training idea.


  14. It will be nice and cool. T-Shirt looks excited enough. Have a great day and don’t think of Abbott. πŸ˜‰

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  15. enjoy and don’t get overtired! πŸ™‚


  16. Team Yvonne! Have a blast! πŸ˜‰


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