Some images from Herculaneum

I can’t leave this site out of my posts, even though I have left Naples.

Herculaneum is a smaller site than Pompeii, and less crowded. Destroyed by the same eruption of Mt Vesuvius as Pompeii, the buildings are more recognizable, the colours  of fresco remnants more vivid. It is easily reached from Rome and Naples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, for those with time to spare, and a sense of curiosity, a documentary about this site.



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24 responses to “Some images from Herculaneum

  1. moliver2645

    That was really interesting. As always, I learn so much from your travels. Herculean is now on my list to see when we go back. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. We saw that documentary on SBS a while ago. It was fascinating. We would love to visit this area one day.

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  3. I enjoyed the sights from the perspective of your gallery, but passed on the video

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  4. Looks like one is a competitor in the annual ‘who can pee the furthest’ event. At least I hope that’s what it is.

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  5. Pompeii had a brothel which I visited many years ago at a time when if the group were English or Anglo only the males would be allowed to that site. Amazing. Did the women tourists faint or become catatonic?

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  6. I had no idea! I would love to see this.

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  7. Jane

    Absolutely stunning. I had no idea about the colors! I’m going to make my husband watch the doc on TV with me….!!!!

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  8. Way too many people skip it in many ways more interesting than the big P. They think they have found a way to read the burnt scrolls hopefully this will work looking forward to what they contain. As bookseller always interested in that kind of stuff

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  9. I’m saving that documentary for later…and I can tune it in on you tube on my TV…
    Grazie mille.

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    • Oh, that will be excellent viewing, Michelle.

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      • And my new (slightly larger) TV is being delivered today. I’m learning that HD TV’s die after about five or six years…cheaper to buy a newer, larger one ($199.00 USD on clearance) than pay to have this one fixed.
        Once upon a time I could take the tubes out and take them to the tester at the corner store and replace them myself. Ah, but that’s before many of your readers were born. That’s before the internet was born. You might find the store with the tester in some of these ruins.

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