The Arte di Calimala

On Via Calimurazza, Florence, as you slow down with a gelato clutched in your hand and look up, you’ll see a number of representations of an eagle clasping a bale of fabric in its claws.

They indicate the presence of the powerful Florentine guild who “ imported woollen cloth from northern France, from Flanders and Brabant, which was dyed, stretched, fulled, calendared and finished in Florence (World Heritage Encyclopedia™).

For those of you with an interest in history, here is a link to one of many online articles regarding this guild:  Arte_di_Calimala

The guild was founded in the late 1100s, so we are left to speculate as to the age of these carvings.


P1120322 P1120323



This one really shows the effects of time and the weather

You’ll also see a portrayal of the Holy family. 


Thank you to Jane who pointed me in the direction of this little street in Florence.



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18 responses to “The Arte di Calimala

  1. If it wasn’t for the bales in the third photo I might have mistaken the eagle for a phoenix. Great pictures and background notes, thanks Yvonne.

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  2. From Brabant.? Ah, I knew Holland played a role in Florence.

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  3. The guilds were very powerful in their day. I love seeing the ornamentation on these buildings.

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  4. another thing I didn’t know; thanks 🙂


  5. I wonder if any of my ancestors from those places were in the wool trade? It would be interesting to find out.
    Lovely photos (and great detail) as usual.

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  6. Jane

    How I love those birds and their wool sacks. Did you check out the pinnacle of San Miniato al Monte? Also an eagle, wings outspread, over a wool sack (where you might expect a cross).

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  7. These are endearing as pieces of art and a bit fearsome if one imagines, say the bale and the size of the bird clutching it. Very nice Holy Family depiction, with it’s glazing and the fact that it’s not missing Joseph. Usually they are…

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  8. sunsetdragon


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