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It really gets my goat!

“I travelled 3500 km through some really tough conditions, just¬† to feature on some dumb blog?”


A plaintive and prolonged baaaa drew me to the rear of this ute*, parked on the main street of Myrtleford. The ute sported Western Australia licence plates. That’s a very long way from sunny downtown Myrtleford, trust me. Just take a look at this map:¬†https://goo.gl/maps/a2XaxJzpPE

I wouldn’t want to be the one who made that trip chained up in the back of this vehicle. Perhaps it gets to ride up front when they’re not parked somewhere? I do hope so. I hung around for a while, hoping to talk to the owner, but he/she didn’t turn up. I hope this cute little critter doesn’t have too many more kilometers to travel.


*ute: this is the abbreviation for “utility”, a vehicle with a tray back. If you don’t know what a tray back is, you must be a city slicker!




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