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The weather has been so kind!

After I found the monument to the bombing of the vaporetto Giudecca in Pellestrina yesterday, I spent some time exploring in this part of the lagoon.

Pellestrina looks so little on the map, but it is obviously a vibrant community.

I started my visit near the bottom end, walked for a while, then caught a bus to S.M. del Mare to join the ferry to Lido.


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This was a fruit and vegetable market

This was a fruit and vegetable market

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I got off the bus in Malamocco, to walk a bit more. I was able to see Poveglia, if only from a distance.

This island was recently put up for sale, but the attempt was thwarted by some concerned Venetians who didn’t want to see yet another (probably failed) attempt to build a luxury hotel. It has a rather interesting history, do yourself a favour and read a little of this article.  asylum-ghosts-plague-history


In a quiet yard, I was treated to the sight of some sculptures that some of you may have seen in Venice itself.



And, a favourite little vehicle of many visitors to Italy, the 3 wheeled Ape.


I caught a bus back to Lido, then took the vaporetto to the Giardini stop. A very satisfying lunch of spaghetti con vongole (clams) at this trattoria on the Via Garibaldi, left me replete.


The remains of the feast.


I walked home to Campo Santo Stefano, trailing a cloud of garlic fumes, with a happy smile on my face, and a trace of olive oil on my chin.


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The Seven Martyrs

On the 3rd of August, 1944, in front of the eyes of men, women and children of Castello, 7 young men, aged between 20 and 46, were executed by a German firing squad. Their punishment was in reprisal for the death of a German sentry. It was later found that he had fallen into the water and drowned, with no evidence of any foul play.

This stretch of the Riva was renamed after this atrocity, you’ll know it now as Riva dei Sette Martiri (the Riva of the Seven Martyrs). On the wall of the building right at the corner of the Riva and Via Garibaldi, you’ll find a memorial to these 7 men.


Here is the building in question, with the Riva on the right, and the Via on the left. (By the way, this is the only Via in Venice, and Riva means shore.)


As I approached the Via, I noticed that the edicola (newsstand) at the corner looked somehow different.


Someone had created an homage to the seven martyrs, using the sides of the edicola as the support, and various media for the artwork. I don’t know whether this was created as part of the recent art biennale, or if it is a permanent presentation.

This is the name of the artist:

(Edited: My grammar has been corrected (thanks, C.), and this is, in fact, an homage to James Lee Byars, an artist now deceased.)


And, here are the tributes to each of the executed men.


Aliprando Armellini 24 years


Alfredo Viviani 36 years

Girolamo Guasto 25 years

Girolamo Guasto 25 years

Bruno de Gaspari 20 years

Bruno de Gaspari 20 years

Gino Conti 46 years

Gino Conti 46 years

Brothers Alfred and Luciano Gelmi 20 and 19 years

Brothers Alfredo and Luciano Gelmi 20 and 19 years

I hope the nizioleti (street sign) will soon get some needed attention.



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