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Different day, different tree

Just a few metres down from the flamboyant tulip tree I posted the other day, I saw this one.

It must have been a glorious gum tree in its day, shading that house and offering homes to birds and other creatures. I’m glad the owners of that property chose to retain what was left after the tree had many of its branches removed. (Some of our gum trees can be susceptible to failure of the branches, under certain circumstances, sometimes with devastating results.)  

In the background, you see part of the hill which is home to a large pine forest. That portion has been harvested; when you see the whole hill, you see various ages and stages of the pine trees. Soon, they will be replanting the harvested area; that should be interesting to see. I understand the team who come to do that are from New Zealand. The site is very steep, it’s not an easy job!

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Autumn leaves

One thing you miss when you live in the tropics is the seasonal change of foliage. Our eucalypts are beautiful, but they and most of our other trees are not deciduous. We just don’t have the cold nights needed for the colourful displays that people in more temperate zones enjoy.

So, one of the visual treats I appreciated in my recent trip back to Canada was sights such as this. What a contrast between the fire of the leaves, and the green background.


Oh, and speaking of trees, I have put up my Christmas tree, the one I brought all the way home from Venice.



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