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A list with a difference from Lisa

Lisa  arlingwoman  has donated another of her lists, this time it’s a ‘to do’ list. I wonder how many of you prepare that type of list, to help organise your life? There’s something satisfying about crossing off another completed task, isn’t there?
Lisa said: Here is the list of things I was wanting to get done this week and weekend.  I’ve still got another day before the new list starts up!
I hope it amuses and intrigues!

Lisa list

She had a few things yet to do, I hope she did get them all out of the way before the next list was prepared.

Is that ‘Review text for beading’? What’s that all about, I wonder.

And ‘Fencing’. Is that as in, en garde, do you think? Or, more along the line of barbed wire, perhaps?

Thank you, Lisa, for another list. It made a change from groceries and stuff.  


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