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Near Battistini Metro Station: Primavalle street art

I seem to be following in Peter’s footsteps, judging by a recent offering on his blog. Roman Despatches  And, thanks to a kind invitation from Cinzia, who lives in the Primavalle area, I got to see some of the street art that has “kissed the corners”, as noted in an article about this district.

The first was this: Racconta una storia


By SOLO, a pregnant Wonder Woman. (I liked the glimpse of laundry on the line, on the right hand side of the building.)


And, this one, by Omni 17, depicting Ingrid Bergman in a mask. It is a tribute to the movie Europa ’51, directed by Roberto Rossellini, and starring Ingrid Bergman. Many of the scenes were filmed in Primavalle.


That’s your bloomin’ lot for today, folks. 



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Street art, Rione Sanità

One of the things that helped to convert the negativity surrounding this district, was an active pursuit and use of street art.


This huge work is on a building in the Piazza Sanità. It represents the faces of children as the hope of the future.


On the side of a church is “RESIS-TI-AMO” (a mix of “resistance” and “I love you”). The work was inspired by a true story and describes a Neapolitan couple who  overcame a terrible illness with care and love. 


And here, with yet another automotive victim of Napoli’s traffic, is a cheery example of what you can do with some brightly coloured paint.



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Ciao a tutti, da Napoli

I landed with my usual thud, yesterday, and am now established in a most comfortable apartment in Napoli. Unbeknownst to the landlord, I have changed the lock on the door, and the deed of title now belongs to me. 

Here is the big front door to the apartment complex. At night, it is closed, and we enter via a little door in the big door. I like that, it’s rather Alice in Wonderland territory.


Light switches in Italy continue to puzzle me. There are several panels such as this scattered through the apartment. By the time I have sorted out which switch controls which light, I have given up the need for a light, as well as the will to live!


It has been raining off and on since I got here, quite a contrast to the dry conditions back home. But, one has to get out and do stuff, eat things and explore a little. Naples could be a rather drab city if it weren’t for the street art/graffiti that abounds. Vesuvius remains a popular theme.


And then there was this:


Porci maledetti roughly translates to “damn pigs”. Don’t ask me, I only report on what I see.

I want all politicians in Australia to read this and act accordingly in their treatment of refugees.


I feel a nap coming on. See you later.


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Not quite Banksy, but interesting

Scattered around Naples, often in tiny side alleys, street artworks of varied kinds can be found.


What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of this piece of “art”?


There must be a story/legend attached to this one. I hope someone can enlighten us.

This one was intriguing, it is written in the Neapolitan dialect, and seems to be the new 10 commandments for true Neapolitans. Is there anyone in the group who can translate this for us? Number 4 caught my eyes, it seems to be what to eat at Christmas (Natale) and Easter (Pasca).




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From the city of Renaissance art, I bring you this first offering

Now, wasn't that worth waiting for?

Now, wasn’t that worth waiting for?


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More graffiti


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