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Fruit for smokos (*)

Can you imagine my joy when I was donated this pretty shopping list? People are not so careless with them as they were a few short months ago; there are none to be seen in shopping trolleys/baskets any more.

I was very impressed with the consistent use of ‘bullets’ before each item on the list and the easy to read printing. I also loved the idiosyncratic spelling that pops up here and there. Can you spot the item that might indicate the presence of a vampire at the dining table? (Down Under, we refer to the evening meal as ‘tea’, by the way.) What others might have tickled your funny bone?


(*) Many of you will be familiar with the term ‘smoko’, but in case you haven’t encountered that Aussie word, it refers to a rest from work for a smoke and/or a bit of a snack. 

When I still lived in Dismal Swamp (aka Atherton), I took a photo of the fellows who were gearing up to paint the interior of my home. They were on smoko before tackling the work.

They were having 'smoko' before they started the job. My house looks all fresh and sparkly!





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